Country star Seth Ennis was recently back in the UK taking in the musical landscapes of Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. The talented singer-songwriter took some time out of his hectic touring schedule to chat with GIGsoup. 

Welcome back to the UK, it was great to see you at C2C. This time around you’ve doing been a tour of Britain, supporting Little Big town. What’s been the highlight so far?

The fans over here have been incredible, to me and to them. They’ve been reacting so well and crowds have all been amazing.  As far as being on tour with Little Big Town, incredible people, they’re like my family. They’re so good and I have learnt so much from them.  I hate that the toured ended, but at least it ended with a bang, at the Royal Albert Hall. It was really cool.

Bob Harris has also included you in his ‘Under the Apple Tree’ showcase for County Music Week, how did that come about?

So, when I played C2C earlier on this year, it went really good. It went even better than anticipated.  We knew we had to make it work to for me to come back soon. They approached me about playing the ‘Under the Apple Tree Sessions’ and I said ‘of course’.

What are you looking forward to about that set, it’s entirely different kind of show

We’ve been playing a pumped up acoustic set on this Little Big Town Tour, now we get to play with the big electric guitars and drums, I’m excited to rock out a little bit.

Let’s step back in time now, can you remember the first gig you ever went to and what impression it left on you?

It was probably my Grandpa, He plays. He used to take me and my brother to a bunch of Bluegrass shindigs. They’d all huddle up in a shack and play all night. I remember there’s this one guy, he had one arm and he’d play guitar with one hand. I thought that was the coolest thing. I don’t even know who they guy was, but I call him One Hand Luke, instead of Cool Hand Luke.

How did you discover your passion for country music?

Probably those Bluegrass days that my Grandpa took us to. When I dove more into it, once you start hearing the stories, that drew me to it even more. My favourite part is the song writing.

What was on your mind when you began writing for your new EP ‘Mabelle’?

I just write, anytime. Me and my co-writers would go in, we’d pick something to write about and just do it. You know I wrote 500 songs over the last two years, we picked out five songs to record and put on the EP. The people I’m close with are people I write best with, they know everything about you.

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You recently got to play at the Grand Ole Opry, when you moved to Nashville, did you dream that might be possible?

The Opry is like the Royal Albert Hall, just a magical venue. I felt like a little kid singing for the first time. I loved playing there, I get nervous, but it’s great.

I have dreams and aspirations, but I try not to have expectations, because when it comes to music, there are so many things you can’t control. But I can control is the quality of the music I make, how hard I work and being a good person. I try to focus on those things. Hopefully me and my music will leave the world a better place.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Well I haven’t been in Nashville a lot, so it’s been tough to finish this record, so all the time from here to the end of the year is set aside just to be in Nashville, be in the studio and just finish up this record.

Quick fire questions:

Stadium or small clubs? Stadium then post -show party at a small club.

Sky or sea? Sky, my dad was in the Airforce.

Sweet or savoury? Savoury – I like that word!

We strongly recommend you check out Seth’s ‘Mabelle’ EP which is out now

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