How can it be ten years since Scouting for Girls signed their first deal and released their self titled album? One million of us bought it. The band took time out to tell us how they plan to celebrate a decade of ‘Scouting for Girls’…

Tell us a bit about the preparations for the new tour?

They involve I think generally a day’s worth of rehearsals and then many days sitting at the pub drinking beer.

What are you most looking forward to about going on the road for the anniversary?

I think playing the first album but to a whole new group of people coming to the show. The feeling we got playing the first tour was absolutely amazing, and now we’re actually better musicians and better performers it’s going to be even better – so hopefully the old crowd will come along and bring a bunch of new friends.

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Demand for your Valentine’s Day gig this year was extraordinary with 20,000 applicants for 3,000 tickets! Why do you think your fans have stayed so loyal to you?

That’s a good question – I think it’s down to Roy’s canny ability to make songs that people really want to sing along to and that put a smile on your face and make you happy. There’s nothing downbeat about a SFG gig.

What’s your favourite song from that album?

You know what, I think it’s Heartbeat. When we actually went into the studio to record it, we weren’t actually sure -we’d actually dropped it from a live set previously- then Andy did some jiggery with it, and kind of chopped a couple of bits out and mixed some stuff around. It’s such a in your face happy song and from the first note you play it live it just goes absolutely mental.

Has that changed, now that you’ve a chance to revisit them?

We played I’m Not Over You a couple of gigs ago. I think that song was literally written about 20 years ago, and to think that we’ve still been playing it and it’s still got a longevity to it, it’s amazing.

What would you say has been your highlight of the past decade?

There are just too many to mention! I suppose the biggest one would be signing the record deal- that was just the most amazing feeling and then phoning up my boss going ‘I’m really sorry but I’m not going to be coming into work on Monday, we just signed a record deal with Sony” he still phoned me back and asked me if I could work and I was like ‘No I told you I can’t, I’m sorry!’

Instagram or Twitter? Twitter

Harry Styles or Olly Murs? Olly Murs

Jammy Dodgers or Party Rings?    Jammy Dodgers – only because my girlfriend makes the best homemade jammy dodgers. They’re amazing and they’re massive!

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