There have been lots of power couples in rock n roll: Sonny and Cher; Lennon and McCartney; Jimmy Page and his Les Paul; but there’s a new couple on the scene. Marshall Amps are now also a bonifide record company with a growing roster, many of which are appearing at the UK’s premier showcase for new talent: Camden Rocks. Is this a match made in (stairway to) Heaven? Time will tell. We find out a bit more about ‘Marshall Records’.

How long have Marshall been a record company rather than just selling amps?

Marshall records started at the end of last year with the announcement of the signing of several new bands three of which are playing Camden Rocks! Reigning Days, REWS, and The Dirty Youth.

How does a record company offer different support to that of crowd funders like Pledge music?

Marshall Records is a normal record company in that it signs artists and acquires their recording rights, in return the label funds the artists recording costs and promotion costs on a global basis. We believe in artist development and both Rob Cass my business partner and myself (Steve Tannett) have been working successfully with new and established talent for many years .

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How is Marshall different to other record companies?

Where we differ form other labels is that we encompass an ethos that was started when Marshall Amps were just a tiny operation formed in a shop in Hanwell. That ethos is a true love for music and we aim to represent the core values of the Marshall brand in everything we do .

Do you assist with equipment?

We always encourage our artists to use Marshall equipment it is after all the best there is. All of our bands are currently using Marshall and associated companies backline.

How does appearing at a festival affect your artists profile?

We are at the start of the journey with REWS and Reigning Days so appearing at Camden Rocks is a great opportunity to put the band in from of Londons Rock and Roll most ardent fans. For The Dirty Youth this is an opportunity to showcase their new material which will be included on their new record. The band have a fair size following so it should be an awesome night.

Are you pushing your acts to perform at Camden Rocks Festival?

Yes of course

Have you worked with Chris McCormack (Camden Rocks Festival organiser) before?

Not personally but we love Chris and his vibe and hope to collaborate on more projects in the future.

There are plenty of unsigned acts at Camden Rocks Festival, are you going shopping for new acts, if so what are you looking for?

Killer songs. We have just formed a publishing company to help us in the development of our recorded music content so we always have an ear out of talented writers that can deliver live.

Does Marshall have any history with Camden?

Marshall has links to Camden and that continues with the brand being present in so many areas since the brand developed the lifestyle range of active speakers and headphones . They are the loudest on the market you know! Also as anyone who has witnessed the thousands of artists that have played in the numerous venues of Camden there is always a Marshall Amp or three on almost any stage you see live bands.

If you could sign any band in the world, now or in the past who would it be?

Personally it would be Oasis as they embody the core values of what we are about: Incredible songs, kick ass band and a true Rock and Roll attitude but to be honest we just love great bands which is why we are proud of our roster which you can find out more about here at
Marshall is more than an amplifier brand. We are a music brand.

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