Manchester Punk Festival ‘In Their Own Words’ – Riggots

Riggots are a two piece band  from Wigan who have been described as the band you play to your Mother when you want her out the room, aggressive, fast & loud. The Duo are set to return to MPF for the second time.

GIGsoup caught up with Martin Battle (Guitar & Vocals) to see what he had to say about the city and the current punk scene. Riggots will play on Saturday 22nd April at MPF. Their most recent album ‘In Joke’ is available on BandCamp.

How does it feel to be in Manchester playing at a festival which is solely for punk bands?

Its an honor to be asked!! Just look at the line up!

To say that its solely for punk bands is doing MPF a bit of a disservice. If you look at the bill it is pretty varied, from acoustic acts to hardcore bands. If you like you music loud/passionate/opinionated/honest then you will certainly enjoy yourself.

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Have you played in Manchester before? If so, which venues?

We are from Wigan which is only 20 miles away from Manchester so we play Manchester pretty often.

With Riggots we have played Retro Bar, Rebellion, Zombie Shack, Antwerp Mansions, Strummercamp Festival, Gullivers, Ducie Bridge (R.I.P), Kraak Gallery and Someones flooded basement.

We are playing at “Zoo” at MPF though, so that is a new one for us.

Which bands do you plan on seeing throughout the weekend?

So many bands we are mates with are playing! I hope to see/at least catch up with: Nosebleed, Pizzatramp, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Scatman, Bobby Funk, Ian Robinsons Receding Hairline, Grand Collapse, Billy Liar, Fair Do’s, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Queen Zee, Wadeye and Bolshy.

Looking forward to seeing some bands i haven’t before/making new friends. – Its whats its all about isn’t it!!

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Manchester is of course famous for The Sex Pistol’s gig at the Free Trade hall back in 1976, would you want your performance to create a similar legacy?

Apparently Mick Hucknall from Simply Red was at that gig. If Hucknall rocked up at one of our gigs,I would stop playing, lay down my guitar and go and give him a big hug that would last for the duration of our set, the duration of the rest of the night, the duration of the rest of Manchester Punk Festival.

The Police would have to be called to remove me from him.

I’d like that legacy. Maybe not the same lasting legacy as the Pistols gig, but then again we don’t have a man called Malcolm that makes stories up about us.

What is your favourite venue in Manchester?

Cannot possibly answer this as we have had so many good times and good gigs in Manchester.

I think i would have to go with The Retro Bar just for the fact that it has the most DIY gigs on throughout the year and the best jukebox afterpartys.

How are your band different those on the line up at MPF? Why should festival visitors switch venue to come and see you play?

We are 2 idiots that try to sound as loud,big and heavy as we can, playing awkward time signatures whilst intruding your personal space.

You won’t need to switch venues or miss anyone else to see us as we are playing the afterparty 😉

We are also the only act representing the Stinking Northern Powerhouse that is Wigan town!

Punk certainly isn’t dead, Have you got anything to say about the punk scene?

The D.I.Y/Punk scene in the UK is very special at the moment. Everybody helps everybody else, gigs are packed. Its an absolute honor to be part of it and long may it continue. 

Much more fun, honest, friendly and affordable than rubbish mainstream options!!


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