Remembering Buddy Holly

It’s been 60 years since Buddy Holly’s last ever recording session. It took place just four months before his tragic death in a plane crash at the age of 22. This year also marks 60 years since he performed 25 UK shows in 25 days. A new album ‘True Love Ways’ has been released to commemorate these special events. GIGsoup was very honored to speak with his widow, Marie Elena and producer, the renowned Nick Patrick.

Welcome Marie Elena and Nick.

Marie Elena, How does it feel to have this new commemorative album released? 

It makes me proud for Buddy, as his final studio sessions were orchestral productions,fulfilling his immediate creative and innovative visions for the future and happy for myself, knowing I’ve contributed on such a wonderful concept.

 What was like to work with the Royal Philharmonic and Nick Patrick?

The winning combination of the RPO, Nick and Decca with recent Elvis and Roy Orbison successes, has once again excelled on True Love Ways, resulting in truly exciting and imaginative album.

Terrific arrangements, brilliant production and outstanding music virtuosity, the classic re-recordings of Buddy Holly and the Crickets on this album will also introduce their music to new audiences, which, after all these years, is the greatest testament of all to their music legacies.

My grateful thanks go out to everyone involved with this amazing project

Nick, what was it like to be able to re-imagine these songs for a new generation?

Being a huge Buddy Holly fan it was an incredible honour to be able to work on this project. Listening to those original tapes for the first time sent shivers down my spine so the idea of re imagining these iconic songs to introduce a whole new younger audience, most of whom would not have even thought of at the time of Buddy’s death is so exciting. These songs are timeless and sound as relevant and fresh today as they did when originally recorded.

Nick, the songs of Buddy Holly captured the imagination and a real moment in American history. You got to work on records with his contemporaries such as Elvis and Roy Orbison. Why do you think the late 50s was such a golden time musically? 

I think that the late 50’s and early 60’s was such a golden period because it was the start of a move from the all out rockers to a more romantic artist, artists like Buddy, Roy Orbison and Elvis we not afraid to show their vulnerability and sensitivity in singing tender love songs which really made an impact at that time and attracted a big female following. 

The title track was Buddy Holly’s wedding gift to you Marie Elena. What memories does ‘True Love ways’ bring back.

Sadness obviously,but also, special memories of watching Buddy in the studio record ‘True Love Ways’, which was a surprise wedding gift. The years have never diminished what that song means to me, and Buddy’s vocals on this stunning new version sound as wonderful and clear as the day he recorded it.

I know Buddy would have appreciated the great production and music artistry on this timeless song.

Nick, which song of this collection is most special to you and why?

I have to say “True Love Ways” It is the most beautiful love song, Buddy sounds the best I have ever heard him and it has the added romance of being written for his wife, Maria Elena as wedding gift.