Reigning Days – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

GIGsoup chat to Reigning Days about their recent self-titled EP release, song-writing and a possible album early next year

Each song has something slightly different to offer, how important was it to show this versatility as newcomers?

It was never really any real intention for us to make each song different, it’s just something that has happened. The writing of this album started around 3 years ago. Being a three piece, there is no where to hide, so the smallest of changes in either sound or writing is amplified. We’ve grown as a band for over 4 years, so i think the album is just a true representation to how we’ve grown in different directions.

There are four songs on the EP, and with that short amount of time to sell yourselves, you obviously have to stand out. How long did you spend on Reigning Days?

It’s hard to pin point a time frame on how long that EP took to produce. we’ve had such a busy tour schedule over the last few years that we’ve just kind of dropped in and out of the studio. We didn’t want to come up with an album in a really short time because its easy to have a one track mind and it’s hard to keep being creative with only one mind set. Having travelled to so many wild places over the years its been nice to attach different tracks to where we were as a band and where we were in the world!

Reigning Days is a great name for a band. Tell us the story behind the name. Who thought of it?

It was initially ‘These Reigning Days’! But after the debut album took so long to get out there, we’d completely grown into a new monster, so it felt like we needed a fresh start, and besides – we’re pretty lazy so two words is better than three. Dan came up with the original name after our first ever rehearsal when we all discovered how we gelled and it just kinda stuck.

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There are a couple of strong riffs in the EP, especially in the opening track, Empire. How important is a good riff in connecting with your audience? 

Without sounding selfish, we don’t write the riffs to please anyone other than our inner child. As kids we all had completely different music tastes, but the one thing we all had in common was kicking a fucking good riff. Just kinda happens at every soundcheck.. rehearsal.. that kinda thing.

Who wrote the lyrics, and who composed the riffs? Briefly talk us through the creative process

It can take months and months to get a track where we want it. Initially Dan writes the lyrics and a rough guide of the music he has in his head to get the feel. Me and Jon listen to it and we all talk it over and come up with the bits we hear differently and the bits we think we can tighten up on. We get together in the band room and jam it out. Sometimes we click and nail the song in an hour, sometimes we sit back on it and just keep it on the back burner. You’ll be surprised by the amount of times we’ve been listening to a new band on the way to a gig, get in that mood and soundcheck an unfinished song with a whole new approach and nail it in ten minutes! But then.. theres the others that seem to take yeeaaarrrsssss.

You put a lot of emphasis on the backing vocals at times throughout the EP, is this an aspect of your band you’d like to continue developing for the future?

Totally. We’re small in number so have to make everything count! If something works, you’re gonna use it.

There are parts of Crazy Horse that seem to draw stylistically from bands like Arctic Monkeys. Who has influenced you most?

There is literally no way to say who has influenced us the most over the years. it’ll be a different band every three weeks. Does Netflix count?

Tell us about any future tour plans you may have coming up!

We have so much shit happening behind closed doors at the moment! We’re literally about to drop some new tour dates any day now.. but i’ll probably get the sack for slipping’ it out now – though they will probably be announced by the time this is published so eyes peeled people…

What are your plans for a full album, off the back of a very good debut EP?

If all goes to plan, we’re going to be releasing our album early in the new year! There’s a few discussions moment over exact dates, but it should be out soon!

Reigning Days 'Reigning Days' - EP REVIEW
Reigning Days ‘Reigning Days’