Q&A With International Indie-Folk Artist, Hayley Reardon

Hayley Reardon is no new-comer to the scene… in fact, she has been playing and performing music since she was very young. Often compared to legends of past generations like Patty Griffin, Tracy Chapman, and Lucinda Williams, Hayley has toured the U.S. and Europe several times over sharing her intimate music and connecting with fans. Maybe it’s the rawness of her voice, or the vulnerability of her words – whatever it is makes Hayley an enigma in the indie-folk scene of today.

Her newest single “Forgiveness” delivers an unapologetic urgency to her quintessential style. Bringing a focus to “Mother Earth” and the sacrifice she has made for humanity, Hayley hauntingly demands a sense of accountability for the preservation of our world. As the chorus eloquently reminds us, “You can’t ask the mother of a mother of a mother of a mother for forgiveness“.

Hayley was kind enough to sit down amidst her very busy European tour and chat with us about her insight and inspiration behind the song. Read below to hear what “Forgiveness” means to Hayley Reardon.

Tell us about “Forgiveness” in your own words. What’s the inspiration/story behind the song?

“Forgiveness” is about the planet and recognizing that we cannot go back and ask for forgiveness once the damage is done. 

What’s your favorite lyrical line?

“Oh father, father there is dust in my hands, there is sleep in my mouth, and wild fire on my land.” 

What type of emotion do you hope the song stirs in listeners?

I was attempting to create a sense of urgency. A lot of my music is very reflective and airy and with this song I was hoping to convey something a bit more forceful and immediate. 

What was your vision behind the video for “Forgiveness”?

I wanted something super simple and stripped down that directed all focus to the lyric and message of the song. The videographer, Joe Angelini helped hone in on that and we shot it in a few quick takes.

You are currently on a European tour – how does this song translate to a live audience? What has your experience been with that?

“Forgiveness” is a fun one to play live as it has a different energy from a lot of my other music and feels topical and important lyrically. Climate change is even more top of mind here in Europe it seems so it’s nice to be able to speak to that through my songs.

Take us behind the scenes of tour life – what’s your “everyday” look like?

Lots of driving! I am writing this interview from the car as a matter of fact. I have a friend traveling with me and we’ve criss-crossed Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark for the past 4 weeks. A good chunk of our time is spent in transit but there have been some amazing experiences and new friendships formed. This is my third tour in Europe and they have each been so rich and life affirming in their own way. 

What can fans expect next?

I’m working on a new project – still TBD whether it will be an EP or a full length record but there is new music on the way!