PoppySeed – Exclusive GIGsoup interview

PoppySeed is a rare artist of refined crossover appeal. Walking the line between hip-hop, rock, pop, dance and R&B, he’s turned his ripples into waves throughout the industry this year by making all the right moves and steadily releasing a plethora of stellar music.

Ahead of his forthcoming EP, he returned once again at the end of last month with Overboard, which only proved to whet our appetites for things to come. We caught up with him for an exclusive interview to share some of his story and what’s on the agenda for 2019.

Hey PoppySeed!


Firstly, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I was born in the little hippie town of Nelson B.C. My family moved to Vancouver’s suburbs when I was 3 years old and I moved to the downtown core in 2010. I love cycling, snowboarding and riding my motorcycle. I’ve been writing and recording music for a few years now and I absolutely love creating! I can play the drums (I just bought a hand pan and I love it).

You have recently released your new single Overboard, can you tell us more about the track?

This track was really a letter to myself, to be honest with you. It’s a song about pushing yourself and recognizing your past mistakes and learning how to grow from them.