Peking Duk and Icona Pop – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Fresh from their recent UK tour, GIGsoup were able to catch up with Australian favourites Peking Duk and Icona Pop. With three triple-platinum singles ‘High’, ‘Take Me Over’ and last year’s smash ‘Stranger’. Peking Duk recently teamed up with Icona Pop to release ‘Let You Down’. GIGsoup sat down with them on a tourist favourite in London, on top of a London tour bus.

How are you guys enjoying London?

All: Fucking love it!

Adam:  London is the s**t. It’s the best

How was your show at the Garage last week?

Adam: Fucking awesome man; thats the first show that we’ve ever done in Europe

Icona Pop: Really?

Adam: Yeah; crazy

Aino: There was a really good energy in the room

Rueben: We got to bring some very special people; Icona Pop.

Icona Pop: WHOOOOOO!

Reuben: The show was amazing, we never thought we would make it out of Australia honestly. The love was incredible, people were dancing around, taking their clothes off…it was great

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How did you and Icona Pop come to collaborate together?

Adam: It was just a matter of when really. We have a lot of mutual friends from Stockholm, we’re all sick c**ts, we’re all legends!!

Adam: We actually met on a plane a good few years ago; Miami to LA, complete coincidence. And then, after that, we saw each other around a year ago in Stockholm. And then they were just in our heads a lot; we actually wrote a song for them in London a week after we had seen them again. And then, after we had this song written…it was just a rough idea at the time.

Reuben: Yeah, a rough idea

Adam: we sent it to them straight away, thinking that there would be no one better for this song…

Caroline: We’re like the biggest heart breakers in the world! Lets team up

Adam: The best things is they sent something back within a week. And it is sounded so perfect, which is unheard of. Usually you need to be in a room with someone to get a vibe going. We actually couldn’t get back to them straight away because we were busy and shit. But they nailed it!

Reuben: Its TPOTIM!

Together: It’s the power of the internet, Mister!

As the bus came up Constitution Hill and the arch at Hyde Park Corner came into view


Are you looking forward to seeing anything particular on this bus tour?

Reuben: We’re actually not sure where we’re going!

Aino: So everything is exciting.

Caroline: Our expectations are very low. So it’s all exciting

Adam: I was just happy seeing a bus stop! So I’m stoked!

Reuben: Are we going to London Bridge?

Adam: London Bridge is a memorable place for us. Last time we were there we were absolutely shit faced and partying till like 6am in Peckham. I love London Bridge.

Adam: Isn’t there that ‘London Bridge’ song? The Fergie one?

All (sing): Want to go down, like London, London, London

Caroline: And there was that Crystal Fighters song…


Adam: Crystal Fighters are the best.

What’s the status of the new album?

Adam: We’ve been telling everyone that about an album for the last five years!

Reuben: One thing is that we haven’t stopped writing music. We haven’t really stopped and collected it all. Put a bow on it and call it an album.

Adam: So around March/ April, we’ll have a little present for the people…hopefully

You’ve done a lot for Triple J, the radio station. What sort of things were you doing with them. You were on their top 100 for a while.

Reuben: We’ve played a few of their parties. They’ve had a back since day one, we wouldn’t be in London without them. Whenever they put on an event even if it’s a pub we’ll go down and DJ. They support music and they support artists there aren’t many radio stations that do that. Nothing but love.

What’s next for you guys Icona Pop?

Caroline: We have so much planned! We’ve been writing so much music for a very long time. But for the first time in a long time we got to sit down in the studio. We’ve been touring for about five years. So we were like, let’s go back to Sweden, where it all started and write some new music. Now we can’t wait to release it.

Reuben: F**K YEAH!

Aino: It’ll be coming out in January

More collaborations?

Aino: Yes, definitely! We’ll try and tour with these guys as well.

Reuben: OH EXCITING! For sure.

Finally, what are each of your go to karaoke songs?

Caroline: Sisqo, Dancer!

Reuben: Shaggy!

Adam: 500 Miles, When I wake up! 

Reuben: Shaggy! Shaggy! Shaggy! <Sings Shaggy lyrics>

Aino: Sexy Tractor. That sexy tractor song .

Icona Pop (sing): “She thinks my tractors sexy, yeah! She really turns her on!”

Caroline: We’re all big karaoke fans!

With that it was time to leave Peking Duk and Icona Pop to enjoy the sights and sounds of London. Big thanks to Blondies Bar for providing great drinks on the day, as well as the Original Bus Tour, for providing the tour bus.

Did you know if you see a statue of a general on a horse with front legs off the ground it means they died in battle.

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