Jesse Pringle, aka The Outlaw, is stepping up to the mic and getting real with the music industry in his new single “The Realest”.

Tired of seeing people pretending to be something they are not just to get to the top, Pringle is stepping up on a soapbox of his own to set the record straight. R&B rhythms and Pringle’s smooth vocals carry the track as Pringle is seen surrounded by some his close friends – a symbolic moment of being honest and transparent with others through all of life’s up and downs. “The Realest” is accompanied by a masterfully produced music video – one that is filled with a certain grittiness that resembles the grittiness of life. We enjoyed the video and the message so much that we invited Pringle to have a chat with us about what the song means to him. Read below to see what he had to say.

Tell us about your inspiration behind writing “The Realest”.

At first when I heard the track the opening lyrics, “I see you in them videos…” just came to me instantly. I was speaking my opinion on how so many rap artists and modern day “personalities” feel the need to act tough and talk loud saying ridiculous things just to get attention. I’ve always been a very “speak soft and carry a big stick” kinda guy and well to be honest I had gotten really tired of seeing all these “posers/wannabes” leading the music listening audience with false claims and lies. I wanted to create a song that could define who I am not just as an artist but most importantly as a person.  I wanted to tell my story which I feel I did when writing it. 

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the single?

Choosing a favorite lyric line from this song is so hard for me because I am revealing so much in this song so I’d rather say one of my favorite lines is from the second verse, “Who ya know, you better treat right, cause real G’s keep they circle tight.”

What inspired the storyline and imagery of the video?

I’m so excited about the image of the video for this song because first of all I called some of my closest friends who have been there through all of my ups and downs in life to be in the video.  I wanted to showcase them because I believe the relatable lyrics express the important message that we all have issues and we all need to be honest and transparent with one another. We are living in a world with too much fake and not enough “real” so I wanted real people that have real lives with real lyrics about all of our stories. Secondly, I wanted the atmosphere to be dark and edgy which to me translates even more “real”. I’m a huge fan of American muscle cars so I wanted to include not only the image of the hot rods but also the sound of the engines to let the viewer know that this is seriously badass.  I teamed up with Big Court at TME (TRU Muscle Entertainment) to direct and Chris Hackett to film and edit then I wanted to use my experience as a filmmaker and love for gritty crime dramas to make this video feel REAL

How does this song represent you as an artist?

I would say this story is completely autobiographical. This song is full of truth about me and my frustration with what I keep seeing out here in the industry and in life. This exposes me. It’s my story. 

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Outlaw music. Outlaw not because I’m out here breaking the law only to end in prison but rather breaking the rules of music industry being a single genre artist. Many genres define who I am as a person and an artist so I believe my music is truly bending and mixing several genres together to allow an entire experience of entertainment. Maybe someone might say that it’s Outlaw R&B. 

What can fans expect next?

I’m a very performance loving artist so I really want to focus on reaching my live audiences nationally and internationally.  I want to be able to get out there and touch the people physically with my music.  Performing live is what I love. My music, my stories, my life exposed right there on stage. I want to connect with the inner Outlaw in the fans. 

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