New Orleans jazz-funk sextet Naughty Professor just released “3 Wise Men”, the lead single from their upcoming EP Everyday Shredder. “3 Wise Men” is a tantalizing taste of the band’s return to their instrumental roots showcasing their innate abilities as forward thinking musicians both collaboratively and individually. If this is only a taste, we can’t wait to see what’s to come from the progressively experimental band and the highly anticipated November release of their new EP. In the meantime, check out what they had to say about their new single and what’s next for Naughty Professor!

[Answers by Naughty Professor’s Saxophonist Nick Ellman]

Naughty Professor just released “3 Wise Men”. Tell us about the making of this song. What inspired it? Where did the idea come from?

The idea behind “3 Wise Men” started with a desire to feature the low end thunder from the bass and bari sax. To me, the bass line is the protagonist of this song. Kind of an antihero. The story builds with chaos slowly rising from the rest of the band until it reaches a critical point when they converge. I feel like the drums are the narrator supporting and emphasizing focal points while the guitar sets the scene. The trumpet and tenor sax are definitely the villains in this analogy. Always stirring up trouble.

Recording this song was a breeze. It’s one that has been on the road with us for a while now and there’s always a special kind of energy that builds when we play it. We were able to capture that magic in the studio with a full live band take (no overdubs). We also filmed ourselves recording live and made an awesome video…shoutout to Adam DeAscentis from Huntertones for the great job editing the video!

“3 Wise Men” is one of the first singles released from your upcoming EP…. how does it represent the music that we can expect to hear on the EP?

“3 Wise Men” is the first single released from our upcoming EP Everyday Shredder. All five songs on this EP are patient and thoughtful instrumental bangers. We’re getting back to our roots here as a hard hitting instrumental band. It’s an exciting collection of songs with a cohesive sound while each one is very unique. This whole EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by our guitar player Bill Daniel (Wild Child Studios, New Orleans). We might have to release another single because we’re so excited for y’all to hear it…

How is this release different from previous singles/albums you have released?

Our last full length album Identity was a bit of a variety pack. It was a chance for us to stretch out and dip our toes in different styles writing and performing. With Identity, we were expanding outward by collaborating with incredible featured guests like Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), David Shaw (The Revivalists), Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Eric Bloom (Lettuce) and many more. This new EP looks inward at the six core members of Naughty Professor. The release of Everyday Shredder is a firm statement that we still have a lot to say as a six piece instrumental outfit. More collaborations will continue (in fact, some are already in motion) but this is snapshot of where we’re at right now when words are not at play and anything goes.

In your own words, how would you describe the band’s musical style? What influences that style?

In a basic sense, it’s like funk attitude with jazz imagination that rocks the f^&% out. Naughty Professor at the core is a six headed brainchild. Our style comes from the way we meticulously dissect and develop songs together pulling from an actual endless list of influences. Our common ground is bringing passion, creativity, and facility to everything we do. Our style is like pushing a giant boulder up a mountain and riding it down the other side. When it goes through the six headed monster machine, don’t be surprised if it comes out evil. 

When can fans expect the album to release?

Everyday Shredder is due out on November 8th, 2019. We’re throwing a two-night release party at the Maple Leaf in New Orleans with extra special guest shredders Isaiah Sharkey (11/8) and Skerik (11/9)!! 

What’s coming up next?

Right before our EP release weekend in New Orleans we’re touring in China for the first time playing two nights at the Blue Note in Beijing and two nights at the Blue Note in Shanghai. We’ll be sandwiching our Everyday Shredder release with international travel going back to Spain for a week of shows in November. Naughty Worldwide!

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