Insanely clever metaphors about love and heartbreak are what Natalie McCool’s upcoming album ‘The Great Unknown’ is all about.

McCool’s voice is light and airy, yet powerful enough to make you forget you’ve spent 35 minutes listening to the full album without an inch of boredom. You will get bombarded with smart instrumental and vocal hooks that develop and intensify until you find yourself remembering to breathe again.

This album is a unique combination of compatible emotions, sounds and styles. At times it’s incredibly uplifting, like in ‘Fortress’. This track literally builds and builds, until it expires, leaving the chorus in a completely acapella trance. Other tracks such as ‘Pins’ and ‘Just Let Me Go’ show McCool’s edgier and more mysterious side. This album is a perfectly tasteful mixture of big drums, guitar effects and quirky synths. 

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McCool’s live show is nothing short of captivating. You’ll struggle to find current artists who put as much emphasis on dynamics as McCool does. Your eyes won’t idle away from what her and her voice are doing and she won’t disappoint you with a bum note.

McCool releases her album ‘The Great Unknown’ on September 9th. The release is followed by her first ever UK headline tour. GIGsoup had the opportunity to ask the artist a couple questions regarding the album….

What is your creative process? Do you prefer writing on your own or collaborating with other writers/producers?

Natalie: I prefer writing on my own, I wrote all of this album on my own and I think it works because it’s so personal and honest. Production wise, I worked with Dave Berger from Outfit who is absolutely brilliant. I loved creating a backdrop for the songs – I had basic demos with some beats, bass, keys, chords and the lyrics. And we just expanded so much on those – but it’s nice that some of the beats and even the vocal takes that were on the demos you can hear on the record. I love stuff like that.

Do your lyrics come from personal experiences?

Yes they all do, I always write about personal experiences. The album is hardly about anything that I’ve made up. I just…feel so much when I listen to a song about someone’s personal experience. It really strikes a chord with me, and that’s what I love. It’s weird because my album is full of songs about people close to me or who have been close to me. I always wonder if they know it’s about them. But once you write a song it becomes a thing by itself and not necessarily belonging to you; the moment you release it, other people put their own meanings on it which is cool. So I think you can be as honest as you like.

What are you most looking forward to while on tour?

Playing the songs! It’s all about the songs. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ve never done a headline tour before so this is massive for me. I am going to love meeting everyone who has supported me on this journey!

‘The Great Unknown’ is out on September 9th 2016

This Natalie McCool article was written by Andrea Rocha, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

Natalie McCool - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Natalie McCool

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