Amsterdam-based Neon Soul/Alternative R&B singer-songwriter and producer Nambyar reveals a moving video for his latest track ‘Once More’. He graciously gave GIGsoup an interview about his music and inspirations.

The moving video for his new single ‘Once More’ premiered a few weeks ago. His début track ‘Warm In The Winter’ has seen support from the likes of 22 Tracks and MTV as well as making it on to Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist. The producer also recently played a live set at Amsterdam’s beloved Pitch festival on July 1st, and most recently billed for ADE this year. Nambyar gives us a candid interview here:

How do you prepare for live performances such as the upcoming Pitch Festival in Amsterdam on July 1st?

I stay home for a week preparing my live session, as we speak I am doing it right now. I go through the songs to fine tune them and when that [part] is finished we go in rehearsal with the band in a venue in the North of Amsterdam.

How has your environment and growing up in the Netherlands influenced your music?

I’m always between noise and silence. Sometimes I need that ‘high’ of the city life because that’s where I grew up. But when I moved to a small village 3 miles North of Amsterdam, surrounded by fields and meadows there were no distractions: there’s only silence and I’m able to completely focus on my music. But, every now and then I sneak into Amsterdam’s nightlife to get that city rush and highlife.

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The visuals for the ‘Once More’ video seems centered on the evolution in love and loss. Will you please explain the concept of this video?

The concept of the music video for ‘Once More’ is created to capture the extreme emotions I went through. The song reveals an intense period of my life which had to be captured as naturally and real as possible in film.

Once More‘ visuals seem to give a deeper insight into the artist. How closely aligned are your personal experiences to this song and how have you evolved since creating it?

It’s very close, ’cause this [song] was from the heart. It is the song that made me realize I had written something that would change a lot for me. It made me realize for the first time I was being really honest with myself: I needed to cut loose and accept the loss. I was in a difficult relationship and band that did not work. I did everything to save it.

Now, I’m thankful it happened ’cause I feel stronger every time I sing it. Looking back, but [I’m] in a new time and space.

What do you want listeners to take away from your songs?

To connect with this situation, It’s not something that happens to only me. Everybody has these periods in their lives of not feeling connected with the things they are doing.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I would say Jacky Wilson as a kid I loved his voice, also Hall and Oats in songwriting. I listen to allot of stuff but Bon Iver is some one I truly admire.

Your sound is described as Alternative R&B, electronic or synth. How would you describe your music?

Neon Soul

Is there a special place near the studio that provides inspiration for creativity? 

Yeah, where I live there is a lot of nature surrounded by lakes. Everyday I run and go meditate, sometimes [I] swim and fish.

What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

As we speak I’m writing a lot. This summer I’ll release my first EP and already have enough material for an album. [He smiles].

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