The Isle of Wight may be rightly famous for its legendary festival, but in spite of having a lively music scene of its own, very few musicians from the island ever make the transition to mainland success. Hoping to make that leap are Nakamarra. The five-piece indie electro band who combine influences like Bonobo and Foals with a 90’s, trip-hop feel formed just last year. Wasting no time, they released the “Zacapa” EP and this year, the band made a main stage appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival. Their current single “Honey I” is shaping up to be an underground hit.

If you’re curious to know the inspiration behind some of the bands purposeful and atmospheric, dream-like pop. Nakamarra are happy to share…

“Little Bit”: This was originally written as an opener to our set. Not only does the gentle instrumental pull the listener in, but the lyrics present an overview of many of the themes in our other songs such as youth, transitions and relationships. 

“Back II Front”: This track is one of our more upbeat tracks with a slightly unusual structure to link with the song’s title. The guitar melodies are very intricate and counter each other in a slightly jarring but intriguing way. The lyrical content hints towards a modern day romantic style.   

“Double Shot Scotch”: The music to this came together very naturally and the slow pace and ambient feel has made it a really solid live track. During the recording, we massively emphasised the drum sound to get the fullest sound possible. The title will give you an insight into the lyrical meaning- the words initially stemmed from a drinking game, which intertwined with the issue of alcoholism. This became the theme of our debut EP – “Zacapa”.

“Porcupine”:  The first track we ever wrote. It paved the way for the inclusion of electronics which we gradually have moved towards in our more recent tracks. The delicate instrumental and poignant lyrics are also key features. This was also our first self-produced, recorded track. 

“Temptress”:  This is the most ambitious track we’ve recorded so far, with our influences from Bonobo and Foals clearly displayed. The song features samples and synth lines and makes for an exciting mix of electronic soundscapes and dreamy guitar lines. Coupled with the powerful dynamic build in the track, it gives an idea of the future musical progression for the band. 

“Honey, I”: This is the simple story of unrequited love, in an ever more complicated world. Reminiscent of a Summer haze, ‘Honey I’ creates an intimate message by both the lyrics and instrumental arrangement of the song. The array of dreamy guitars and warm synths, accompanied by the exciting dynamism of the track, further connects the piece’s message with the listener.

The band have already been praised by Rob Da Bank, citing their ‘soul, power and instrumental dexterity’ and by Steph Nieuwenhuys of BBC Introducing Solent, who said “dreamy and soulful, you can’t help but be drawn in.”  Resistance is futile. Give in to Nakamarra.

Zacapa EP is out not

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