Midge Exley is comprised of brothers Byron and Ethan Brown who are admittedly obsessed with film noirs and Doo-wop. Using these influences as the basis of both their visual and musical style, the brothers have released their second single “Pastels & Prescriptions”. Featuring the duo’s quintessential pop-centric style of rap with minimalistic, yet sophisticated, production, “Pastels & Prescriptions originates from a place of deep pain. We asked Midge Exley a few questions about their start as a duo and their new song.

Tell us about the start of Midge Exley. How’d you start making music together? What encouraged you to become a duo?

We’re brothers who’ve always created things together. After we both graduated college, we purchased a DAW and a mic on an impulse and started making music (we used to use type beats but now we make our own). At first, it was an outlet and then we fell in love with it. We had never done music up to that point. The fact that we’re a duo is just an organic extension of being close as brothers and wanting to create something.

Why did you choose the name ‘Midge Exley’? 

We’re obsessed with film noirs and Doo-wop. The name Midge Exley comes from Midge Kelly, a Kirk Douglas character from a film noir, and Edmund Exley, a Guy Pearce character from a more modern noir film.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Midge: It’s like turning on the radio in outer space in 1960.

Exley: Our music is like walking on the beach while it’s raining.

You guys have a very classic, old-school, rock and roll vibe. What artists would you say inspire your music and aesthetic as artists yourselves?

In terms of aesthetic and music, film noirs, classic movies, Doo-wop, Aldous Huxley and the way we feel. Relating to music specifically, Kings of Leon, Heffy, Beach House, and Post Malone just to name a few.

Your first single “Sweater” released last year. What did that do for your music career? 

It’s the jumping off point. The momentum is still going from that song. We have more people paying attention now.

Your newest single “Pastels & Prescriptions” is out this Friday (January 17th). Tell us the meaning/inspiration behind the song.

Making this beat was like painting a beautiful, abstract picture. As with many striking paintings, this song originated from a place of pain. An empty pill bottle. A lonely drive on a desolate highway. A search for escape from the heaviness of an unrelenting world… 

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the track?

Midge: I like what the strings are saying

Exley: I love the whole painting 

What do you hope your music conveys to fans overall?

Whatever it makes them feel

What can fans expect from Midge Exley in 2020?

Good music and good films

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