Mi'das excluse interview
Mi'das excluse interview

Mi’das – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Mi’das talks to Kieran Stowell in this exclusive GIGsoup interview. Edited by Josh Hummerston

Mi’das (Otherwise known as Mike Davies) has been determined to make his mark on the music industry. He knew however that his dreams wouldn’t just fall into his hands. With little more than his guitar and self motivation, Davies has managed to make his imprint on London’s soul and pop scene, working as a session artist for names, such as Jessie J, Jamie Cullum and the legendary Betty Wright.

Now on the cusp on releasing his debut record, Davies career is soaring skyward, but luckily he managed to find a small amount of time to sit down for a chat.

I was interested on whether it has any personal meaning or is it just an interesting name you decided to give yourself as an artist. Part of the reason I ask this question is because I thought it may have something to do with King Midas, the mythological king who could turn things to gold with his touch.

That being said, based on your current career and impressive resume you could argue that you both have a similar quality!

Of course people make that connection all the time because when you say Mi’das its basically the same as Midas (The King) and of course everything I touch turns to gold! (Laughs) Joking of course. The name comes from me messing about with shortening my own name Mike Davies and that’s how I arrived at it.

Your musical ambitions really took off when you decided to move from Brighton to London.
What exactly inspired such a move?

Life I guess. My girlfriend got a job in London and asked if I wanted to move with her and I’m glad I did for two reasons! Career wise it was amazing, and we are also still together.

What’s interesting is that you began playing in jam hotspots across the city but anyone can do that.
So what exactly happened that resulted in you  being picked out to work alongside great artists like Jamie Cullum and Labrinth?

I guess just my persistence and practice. I have a certain level of talent but at the time I was practicing a lot to hone that.

Tell me more about “The Bassment Project

Bassment project was/is a collective of friends that are also musicians working with some of the more well known artists in the UK. We made an album together and toured with acts like the Brand New Heavies and Rizzle Kicks. It’s a large band of 8-10 people and was such an amazing experience to be part of on stage.

What exactly differentiates your solo material from your work with The Bassment Project?

I wrote a lot of The Bassment Project material so I guess there’s that link, but ultimately the band had a “sound” that is of its own. For you write one thing to find that each player has their own sound and signature. Together it creates something different to what I first created. My own material is also at times more influenced by folk singer/songwriters, as well as soul influences and up to date pop.

Do you write from a personal place, or do you tend to look for outside influences?

It depends really, sometimes they are stories or perspectives of other people, but a lot of times they are from my own experiences. The Beatles wrote from almost every perspective imaginable so I take that as an inspiration.

You recently released a new single, ‘Feels Like Only Yesterday,’ the track is a brilliant blend of soul and pop, almost sounding like a modern take on a potential Stevie Wonder chart topper. However, would you say this track fits with the themes, sounds and ideas of your upcoming record?

The majority of the record definitely has a soul influence but the reason i put this track out first is because it’s the middle ground between out and out soul and the pop side of things I do. There’s a bit of both on the album.

What would you say the overall theme of the record is?
The overall theme is about the battles in your own head, if you get that straight you’re sorted,

Going to push the boundary a little bit… any chance you can reveal the name of the record?

It’s only recently been decided but yeah sure! It will be called ‘All Inside Your Head.’

Already I can see that you’re taking major steps in promoting your music and the record.
But are there any plans for after its release?

Just getting the ball rolling next year in terms of promotion, radio etc. Then I’ll be doing what I did this year even more, performing to people and maybe a cheeky little EP release later in the new year.

Mi’das’ debut record ‘All Inside Your Head’ will be released in 2016.

Mi'das excluse interview