Before doors are officially opened for Me and The Moon’s headline show at the Heartbreakers in Southampton on the 3rd February, GIGsoup had the chance to catch up with Jonny and Tamara on the last day of their tour. The Guildford-based folk band have been playing together for nearly four years. Tamara [guitar and lead vocals], was working on her solo music, before Jonny [guitar and backing vocals] became involved in the writing process. “I tried to help with all the writing and it kind of went from there really. We just started writing together more so decided it was more of a joint project.”

The band’s UK tour, for Independent Venue Week, stretched from Portsmouth to London, then to Guildford and Colchester before finishing at the Heartbreakers. “We did an acoustic set for Icebreaker on Saturday, then we did Paper Dress Vintage in London on Monday,” Tamara explains. “It was very very cool, we’ve seen loads of bands play [at Paper Dress Vintage] before, so it was great to be playing there ourselves. A lot busier than we thought it would be, and with a really cool line up,” Jonny recalls. This show was the band’s first ever headline show in London. “It was a bit scary, but it went really well.”

The last thing that the band released was a single back in February last year, titled ‘It’s Alright.’ “We’ve got a load of stuff recorded. We sort of went quiet, I guess, towards the end of last year while we’ve just been recording.” But they have new material lined up for the future. “We don’t have a date yet, but there will definitely be new stuff this year. We don’t know what yet, whether it’ll be another single or something more.”

Tonight, the band have a more stripped down set prepared for the seated event. “We normally have another synth, but we stripped it down to just keys, and half a drum kit.” The guys have grown accustomed to switching up their line-up to accommodate particular gigs. “We can do different versions of the same thing, whether it’s just the two of us, or five of us. It gives us a lot more options to do different types of shows, so it’s nice to have a few different set ups for songs.”

In regards to future dates, Me and the Moon have a support slot with Submariner at The Joiners on the 15th March. “We played with them before in Guildford, and they’re super nice guys. We’re starting to get a few festivals in, too.”

Tendalore, photo by Cait Bowyer

To kick off the evening, Jack Grace begins his set by playing his first song on keyboard alone. As the set continues, he invites other musicians on stage to introduce new dynamics into the arrangements. He displays the power of his vocal range through every song he performs. With an electric guitar tone that is reminiscent of indie influences, the instruments compliment the melodies of the vocal lines. It’s clear from their live performance that one of the strongest aspects to Tendalore’s act is their three part harmonies. They create a haunting, yet dreamy atmosphere, similar to that of tracks from Fleetwood Mac.

Me and The Moon, photo by Cait Bowyer

And finally, Me and The Moon enter the stage to an already captivated audience. The band bring a new wave of energy to the room. With a mix of folk and pop influences, the songs are catchy and upbeat; the audience even get a taster of the new material set to be released. There are particular moments in the songs that take away the other instruments to focus in on Tamara vocals and acoustic guitar alone, serving as a reminder of the band’s roots. It becomes clear how the band and songs have developed with the addition of new instruments and the input of other musicians. The dynamic possibilities of the songs are displayed, even with this ‘stripped back’ version fit for an acoustic, seated event to end their UK tour.