Throwing Stuff are a four-piece hard-core punk band based out of Manchester, England by way of London and Liverpool. Taking influence from the likes of Minor Threat, Paint it Black and Cold Ones, they play a fast, thrashy, no-nonsense punk

Fit, Fine & Well is Throwing Stuff’s debut LP. The title comes from the final line of the album closer; Father’s Day. A song about vocalist Ben’s experiences coping with his dad’s terminal, stage four brain tumour over the last year. Throughout his Dad’s life, “fit, fine and well” has been the stock response to anyone who asked him how he was. Sixteen months on from diagnosis and two operations later, he still says he’s “fit, fine and well” as he battles what’s going on his head.

Fit, Fine & Well is a collection of songs that span almost the entire existence of the band, from the first practice right up to the studio floor.

GIGsoup spoke to the band about their love of Manchester and their 21st April slot at the Manchester Punk Festival…

How does it feel to be in Manchester playing at a festival which is solely for punk bands? 

It feels normal, we’re a punk band so we play a lot of punk shows. It’s a very, very broad genre of music so there’s something for everyone!

Have you played in Manchester before? If so, which venues? 

We’re from Manchester so we’ve played all over the place, it’s a lot of fun playing some floor shows at places like Fuel or Fallow Cafe. The Star & Garter is great too.

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Which bands do you plan on seeing throughout the weekend? 

Paint It Black is No. 1 on the list, massive influence on our band and truly a legendary band that haven’t been over in 7 years. Also excited to see Martha, Pizzatramp and Clowns – who we’re on tour with.

Manchester is of course famous for The Sex Pistol’s gig at the Free Trade hall back in 1976, would you want your performance to create a similar legacy? 

I’m not sure what legacy is going to come from a Throwing Stuff set at MPF, but I hope we get to be in a butter advert one day.

What is your favourite venue in Manchester?

I’d have to say Gorilla, the sound/lights are great.

How are your band different those on the line up at MPF? Why should festival visitors switch venue to come and see you play? 

We’re a hard-core punk band, there’s not a lot of similar bands to us on the line-up and if you’re into fast aggressive music being played in a fun way with a singer that flies around the room, I guess we’d be up your street.

Punk certainly isn’t dead, Have you got anything to say about the punk scene? 

It’s alive and well, the festival looks set to sell out for the second year in a row. It’s a brilliant time for DIY punk in the UK.


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