Continuing classic punk ideologies, Muncie girls are a trio set to present their angst and rebellion throughout their MPF set. Recently nominated for the Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang awards, the band are also well known for their appearances at Reading & Leeds Festival as well as Download and The Great Escape.

Their most recent album‘From Caplan to Belsize’ has received nothing but rave reviews so be sure to go and see the trio play on Saturday 22nd April.

GIGsoup caught up with the band to see what they had to say about the current Punk scene and how they feel about returning to Manchester…

How does it feel to be in Manchester playing at a festival which is solely for punk bands?

We feel totally at home, we have grown up listening to Punk bands and going to Punk shows so although I guess our music comes out not sounding traditionally Punk, we don’t feel out of place.

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Have you played in Manchester before? If so, which venues?

We have played in Manchester a few times before. I’m terrible at remembering venue names but I know we have played at Sound Control, Gullivers.

Which bands do you plan on seeing throughout the weekend?

I really want to see Paint It Black, Martha, ONSIND and Shit Present obvs.

Manchester is of course famous for The Sex Pistol’s gig at the Free Trade hall back in 1976, would you want your performance to create a similar legacy?

I suppose, then we can be on butter adverts in 30 years time.

What is your favourite venue in Manchester?

Manchester has some awesome venues, you are really lucky for that. Sound Control is up there for me.

How are your band different those on the line up at MPF? Why should festival visitors switch venue to come and see you play?

They shouldn’t, all the other bands are better than us. But also if you fancy watching us that would be nice.

Punk certainly isn’t dead, Have you got anything to say about the punk scene?

Long live the Greebos!

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