Manchester Punk Festival ‘In their own words’ – Matilda’s Scoundrels

Freshly formed folk band Matilda’s scoundrels are already hitting the ground running and are set to support The Levellers in Hastings this September as well as playing at various festivals including Boomtown and Outcider.

They are a folk punk band with a great attitude and having spent time in Leeds recently, the band released four live tracks from their recording session at The Organworks. Check it out below…

Catch them at Zoo, Manchester Punk Festival, Friday 21st April.

How does it feel to be in Manchester playing at a festival which is solely for punk bands?

It’s awesome to be back at MPF, so many amazing bands from all over the country and wider world. We had the privilege of playing last year and the atmosphere was welcoming, fun and frenetic. It’s unlike any other punk festival, so many different genre’s of punk brought together under one banner, What’s not to like.

Have you played in Manchester before? If so, which venues?

We have played Manchester a few times, we played Sound Control last year at MPF, we have also played the Moston Miner’s Club and Retro Bar. We have a couple more shows in Manchester booked throughout this year.

Which bands do you plan on seeing throughout the weekend?

So many great bands on this year’s line up. If only we could watch them all! But in particular Stöj Snak, Mighty Midgets, the Filaments, Nosebleed, Maid of Ace, Riggots, Pizzatramp, Clowns, Paint it Black, the list goes on and on, its hard to name them all!

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Manchester is of course famous for The Sex Pistol’s gig at the Free Trade hall back in 1976, would you want your performance to create a similar legacy?

I doubt any band would turn down the chance to be remembered in the same way

What is your favourite venue in Manchester?

Yet again there’s so many to choose from, but it would have to be Sound Control, the stages are huge and the space and sound is second to none. The whole place is just what a great venue should be.

How are your band different those on the line up at MPF? Why should festival visitors switch venue to come and see you play?

We differ in many ways but primarily it’s the traditional folk instruments in the band that makes us stand out. We are punk folk, playing folk punk. If you like having a drink and a singalong then you should definitely come check us out.

Punk certainly isn’t dead, Have you got anything to say about the punk scene?

As more and more venues are being closed down, having festivals like MPF is so important to let new bands get up on the stage. The spirit of DIY punk is still out there…..