Manchester Punk Festival "In Their Own Words" - Belvedere

Manchester Punk Festival “In Their Own Words” – Belvedere

Canadian band Belvedere return to the UK this April with new material in hand and ready to take on this years Manchester Punk Festival.

Following their 2012 reunion the four-piece have since dropped their 2016 album ‘The Revenge of the Fifth’ and a rejuvenated band play the Saturday (22nd April) at the Festival. If its blazing fast speed and melodic vocals you like then make sure check them out. GIGsoup spoke to the band about previous haunts, Manchester and other bands we should be looking up…

How does it feel to be in Manchester playing at a festival which is solely for punk bands?

It’s awesome, we’ve played Manchester a bunch over the years and it’s been one of the first UK cities that supported us very early on.  I think 2001 or 2 was the first time we were in the UK. I speak fairly regularly with many of the people in charge of this festival and I love their commitment to exposing new punk bands to the audience that will be there.  I’m happy they booked us.

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Have you played in Manchester before? If so, which venues?

Ya way too many times.  Let’s see how good my memory is : The academy, The Road House, Satan’s Hollow, Star & Garter.  That’s all i can remember.

Which bands do you plan on seeing throughout the weekend?

We’re only there on Saturday so i’m looking for One hidden Frame, Larrakia, Lineout, and Ducking Punches.

Manchester is of course famous for The Sex Pistol’s gig at the Free Trade hall back in 1976, would you want your performance to create a similar legacy?

I was born in ’76 so I can tell you that feels like forever ago.  These types of stories are untouchable and I can only hope that people come to our show and enjoy it. I think it’s a great story and very cool how the few people who saw that show went on to start some of Manchester’s most iconic bands.  My buddy Paul did merch for my other band, This is a standoff in 2011.  He was a huge Smiths fan, so I heard all about the history of The Smiths when we played Manchester on that tour.

What is your favourite venue in Manchester?

Road House had some good memories for me.

Why should festival visitors switch venue to come and see you play?

We’re older than most of these bands. That’s something!!???

Punk certainly isn’t dead, have you got anything to say about the punk scene?

It will never die as long as good people such as MPF keep pushing on.