Luke Cloutier Opens Up About New Music: “Better Man”

Luke Cloutier – a singer-songwriter based in Mystic, CT – is stepping onto the scene with not one, but two stellar singles back to back. Cloutier’s debut single “Drown” introduced his indie-folk-rock style to fans with critical acclaim describing his style as ” a style [that] works both classic and contemporary cogs” (B-Sides & Badlands). His newest single “Better Man”, released March 6th, allows us to continue to see the vulnerability behind Cloutier’s songwriting with an introspective new music video to accompany the song. We sat down with Cloutier to hear more about his perspective, his inspiration behind the song, and what fans can expect next.

You recently released your debut single, “Drown”…. what was the response you got from fans?

People have been really kind so far. I grew up playing more aggressive music so people were surprised when I came out with Drown. The biggest response I’ve gotten with friends and family is “I wasn’t expecting that!” I appreciate that people have taken the time to listen to it!

How does the new single “Better Man” further define you as an artist?

I think it makes me continue to be more vulnerable. “Drown” has pretty vulnerable lyrics, but it’s easy to hide them behind a fast and upbeat melody. “Better Man” is a vulnerable song that sounds it. 

What is the story behind the writing/creation of “Better Man”?

I wrote “Better Man” after I had a falling out with someone who I once considered a close friend. It was a hard situation, and I think both of us played a part in our friendship turning bitter. I wrote the song about trying to come to terms with the part that I played. I felt that there was no use in being angry. All I could do was try and be better moving forward. 
I recorded the song over the course of three days in Studio B at Silver Bullet Studios. Greg Thomas engineered and produced the track, and Alex Newport mixed it.

How does the music video further share the meaning behind the song?

My vision for the music video was to show self-introspection. When I need to think, I always go on hikes. It seemed like a natural fit for me to film a video the way we filmed this one because it’s where I would have gone even if there was no camera around. My friend Alec and I just hiked around for a few hours and took in some amazing scenery, and we captured shots that we thought portrayed the emotion of the song. 

What’s your favorite lyrical line from “Better Man”?

I think my favorite lyric is “I’ve come too far to go back now.” It’s a really simple line, but it’s a reminder that I don’t have to go back to a bad place, even when it seems like the easy thing to do. 

What can fans expect next?

I’ll be recording a bunch more songs for a full length this spring. I’m also going to be doing a decent amount of touring. Touring is my absolute favorite thing to do, so I take any excuse I can to be on the road. Hopefully, I’ll get to share these new songs in person with some new people this year.