Lucie Silvas – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Lucie Silvas is a renowned and successful singer-songwriter. From the early days of being signed to Mercury Records to recently supporting Chris Stapleton, her career and talent continues to thrive. She will be touring Britain later this month. GIGsoup caught up with her in advance and talked new songs, Nashville and the year so far….

Lucie, welcome, thanks for taking time out to talk to us today. Tell us what you are most looking forward to when you come to the UK later this month?

Sharing the stage with ‪Brothers Osborne and getting to see all the fans with my family on the road.

You have a new album out; E.G.O. What’s the story behind the title track?

It’s about how I find myself caught up in the wrong things and how we all get pulled into the shallow nature of self promotion. It’s a tongue and cheek song, but it felt good to get it out.

What was the vibe like in the studio this time round?

Relaxed, fun, and like being on an island – making music we had the most fun making without concern of the reaction to it- I never wanted it to end. I felt like a kid again singing all my fave songs. 

What were you aiming for lyrically & sonically with this album?

Telling the truth, regardless of how awkward or naked it may be at times. I’m through the heartbreak of my previous album, so this is more about moving on and changing as a person, and realizing my flaws and how to work with them. Sonically I wanted it to feel like I’d stepped into a time machine starting in 1965 and ending up in 2035!

Which song from this collection best captures the season of life you are in today?

“Black Jeans.” It’s a very freeing song for me to sing. I feel at ease standing in front of people and letting them think what they like. I feel alive when I allow myself to be the truest form of myself- something I decide and no one else … it’s also a bit of an FU to people who judge me or others too quick !

What are your earliest musical memories?

Singing along to ‪the Jackson 5 in my parent’s garage when I was 8 as loud as I could. My mum told me I would stay in their for hours on my own. I was always happy being by myself as long I could sing and listen to music.

How does your approach to song writing differ now from when you first moved to America?

I don’t know if how I approach it is that diff song writing wise – I guess I have more life experience and have gotten braver with it- more vocal and honest about things I may not have talked about before. But it’s more the sound of the records that have evolved and definitely reflect the influence that American music has on me, now more than ever.

If you were going to take us on a tour of your hometown, Nashville, what would you take us to see?

We would eat first – cause that’s most important, prob at my fav Mexican restaurant Mas tacos. Then I’d take you to the Opry to see a show- it doesn’t matter who is playing- it’s always class and is what traditional country music is all about. Yet now the Opry has become diverse with its performers – which I think is amazing. I’d prob wanna take you to “Roberts “ downtown on Broadway after that, so much fun!! Then maybe Santa’s pub, our fave santa and karaoke bar! Hall of fame would have to get a look in too;  if you’re not too hung-over.

What has been the best thing about 2018 for you?

It has to be releasing E.G.O. That day was truly unreal for me- seeing a billboard of the album cover up in Times Square in NYC and all that hard work and joy being out for people to hear. Even bigger than that was my parents were here that week from New Zealand  and that was the most special thing I could have asked for. I rarely get to see them and somehow this year I’ve gotten to see them twice, which I’m so incredibly grateful for.

Quick fire questions:

Rich tea or Oreos?  Shoot, I love both. Ok, Oreos

Inspiration or dedication? Dedication

Gold or silver? Gold… unless it’s SILVAS

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Lady Gaga or Lady Di? Lady Di