Love Buzzard - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview. Lead photo by
Love Buzzard - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview. Lead photo by

Love Buzzard – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Love Buzzard talk to Steven Loftin in this exclusive GIGsoup interview. Edited by Catherine Quinn. Lead photo by Ella Stormark

With the advent of technology in the recording industry, artists these days tend to overthink and dwell upon the endless possibilities available to craft a sound. Very few take things back to the basics of yesteryear. Sometimes, all you need is a guitar fuzzed to the max and drums that assault you. Of course, this isn’t for everyone, but those within this particular network of movers and fuckers should be getting on board with the less is more, DIY ethos.

This leads us to Love Buzzard, a London duo that, for all intents and purposes, are marching to the sound of their own beer-soaked drums. Talking to both Kevin Lennon (Vocals, Guitar) and Al Brown (Drums) at their album preview show in Shoreditch, they took me through their inspirations, aspirations and finally their debut release. But first there was a show.

Upon arriving at what was once an empty shop but was now, for one week only, a pop up record store between Fluffer Records and 1234 Records, there was a crowd permeating throughout every spare inch of this temporary DIY haven. Inside by the window, next to shelves of their debut record along with other releases by said labels, was the setup for Love Buzzard. One visibly battered drum kit, and two stacks of amps, which it would later transpire are shared between both guitar and vocals. What happened once the band took to the floor was nothing short of organised chaos in the most beautiful way possible.

With Lennon very nearly physically assaulting the crowd with both his guitar and energy (the microphone becoming unplugged leading to a spontaneous instrumental number) and during what was the briefest of breaks (a bottle cap ending up on Browns crash symbol and then seeing an untimely end as soon as the band kicked in), the whole show was vivacious, ferocious and goddamn raw.

Ending with what could only be described as an extended jam, and a drumstick making its way like a missile into the crowd, I soon found myself in a small storage space full of the shops merchandise and records, along with the band.

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Talking to them it’s clear that the duo are not just a force to be reckoned with when live, they’re also incredibly hard working, “We’ve been going for just shy of three years now…we’ve been practicing in the back (of the venue) for just over three years…”. They’re also gigging hard to make a name for themselves, but escaping the clutches of the capital is proving quite arduous, “We’ve just been playing loads of gigs…been booking our own gigs around the country…trying to get out of London, but it’s fucking pretty difficult…”. In true DIY fashion, to break out of the norm and avoid doing the “boring…general circuit”, they rented a generator and a van and drove it around doing what they do best. They’ve also started organising their own gigs in the form of pit parties, “Up in a warehouse, bands in the middle, no stage, like lightning bolt used to do back in the day…just doing them”, a DIY aesthetic that , though hard to come by, makes for an even greater experience and one not soon forgotten.

The sound they craft itself, thrashing two-chord power punk, has a plethora of influences, “A mixture of primitive 60’s garage, psychobilly, rockabilly…”, along with more modern influences such as “80’s Matchbox…Birthday Party…” and the no more “Amazing Snakeheads [who are] fucking awesome”. It’s clear they take small sections of everything that influences them and then blend it into a powerful sonic force that could fit into any year post-1969.

With the release of their debut record ‘Antifistamines’ on the horizon and another “20 or 30 songs” they need to record, the future is only just beginning for Love Buzzard. So if you hear a thunderous sound coming toward you, that’ll be Love Buzzard. They are coming to find you because they sure aren’t going to wait for you to find them.

‘Antifistamines’ is out now via 1234 Records.