Fresh from the studio, Cornwall born Lots Holloway has unleashed her debut single. The track ‘World’s On Fire’ is a bold statement on the state of the world today. ““I wrote it back in the summer of 2016 when a lot of strange and sad things were happening,” says Lots. “Brexit, the Orlando shooting, the Bastille Day attack, the US presidential battle, the refugee crisis and the on going war in Syria, to name just a few. The song wasn’t inspired by any particular event, but more the amalgamation of them as a whole, it’s an observation of the world in which we’ve found ourselves.”

Written and recorded in Bryan Ferry’s studio and using equipment that Brian Eno himself had used, the songwriting and recording process was inspired and refreshing, with ‘World’s On Fire’ only being the first track to be released from a series of songs recorded during that time.

GIGsoup spoke to the artist about her time in the studio and what the focal message of her music is before she embarks on the next phase of her journey…

What was it like recording in Bryan Ferry’s studio with some of Brian Eno’s instruments?

I have always been a fan of both Bryan and Brian. To use Brian Eno’s kit was surreal, I used to listen to his work on David Bowie’s albums in awe. Bryan Ferry’s studio was a magical place, for me. It was oozing with character, it wasn’t a regular commercial studio, it had a part of Bryan’s personality, and that was inspiring

Your new single ‘World’s On Fire’ was inspired by events going on in the world in 2016, including the presidential election, will you be writing any songs about Donald Trump’s presidency?

I hadn’t planned to write one directly… And anyway, I think Ugly Kid Joe have it covered with their 1992 hit ‘Everything About You’.

After recording a collection of songs with Mike Hedges, how did you come to the decision that ‘World’s On Fire’ was to be your debut single?

It just felt like the beginning of something; a good place to start. It was so relevant when it was written and it’s still so relevant now, it just seemed like the obvious choice.

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Is there a particular message you wish to convey with your music overall?

I want my music to speak to people. I want my music to help, and I want to spread messages of hope, love and life. Life is delicate, and way too short. Nothing is promised to us, and the only gift we have is now. I just want the world to be better.

Did moving to London from Cornwall affect your songwriting and how you approach your music at all?

Without a doubt, I used to live in a small seaside town, it was a wicked place to grow up but I needed to grow more and experience more. Without moving away I would never have faced any of the problems I encountered living in London. It expanded my mind and therefore my opportunity for inspiration.

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming releases?

So ‘World’s On Fire’ is out now, available everywhere along with the official video on YouTube. The B-Side to this is already available on streaming platforms and the video will be out in a couple of weeks – it’s called ‘Is Anything Real Anymore?’ – we are heading back into the studio to record more of the album and there will be more singles and videos to come before the summer.

You’re announcing some live dates soon, what can people expect from a Lots Holloway show?

It’s going to be energetic and it’s going to be fun. I am my true self on stage, and I often don’t even know what’s going to happen. Stepping onto stage induces my Jekyll to Hyde transition – So you’ll have to come and find out.

More information on Lots Holloway can be found here: https://twitter.com/lotsholloway

Lots Holloway - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

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