Los Angeles based Rapper Dax has been blowing up on all platforms and it’s easy to see why. He delivers a hard hitting mix of conscientious rap mixed with an old school west coast vibe and effortlessly flows with some complex rhyme patterns.

Daniel Nwosu Jr (Dax) was born in Ottawa, Canada where he developed a passion for basketball. His passion led him to the University of Montana and then onto Newman University where his creative outlet expanded into poetry and spoken word. Dax supported himself working as a janitor while he honed in on his skills, even travelling as a motivational speaker. These skills combined to create the Hip-Hop artist he is today; his unique life experiences and positive outlook have become the backbone of his influential Rap. In the song ‘I Want’ Dax draws the line between wants and needs; he expresses the differences and promotes an objective outlook on materialistic living, an infrequent stand in the Hip-Hop realm. Dax also has a wealth of remixes on his Youtube channel, including some Tupac classics that he executed to perfection.

GIGsoup reached out to Dax and he agreed to do an interview with us, although short, we got to hear from the man himself about his unique perspective.

Your music has a real positive message, have you always held this unique world view or has it been something you’ve worked toward?

I have most definitely always held this world view. I’ve always believed that I was in complete control of my life. That type of power can be great and also crippling. It’s something I’ve wanted to share with the world since I started making music. It’s that we ourselves dictate where we end up. My biggest thing is repetition. If you hear something enough you’ll start to believe it. My music aims to convince people of their own greatness. My Ultimate goal has always been to put something into the world that will last forever.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP? ‘It’s Different Now’

On this upcoming EP you can expect to hear some of the best music in the world. I truly believe that the sound I’ve created, along with the lyrics and the energy I put out to the universe that this is some of the best music in the world hands down.

‘YourWorthIt.org’ with Hopsin isn’t just a track you made together, it’s also a movement, how did this come about?

‘YourWorthit.org’ came from me believing that repetition is the most powerful thing in the world. The Goal is to tell every single person in the world multiple times that they’re worth it. This is where writing it on all money came from. Money continues to circulate forever so people always stumble onto these bills. It’s definitely a movement that I will continue for the rest of my career. It’s always been a goal of mine to put something into the world that lasts forever and I think this is a great opportunity for that.

Dax’s debut EP drops on August 22nd be sure to check it out and follow him on Instagram: @thatsdax.