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Lonely The Brave – Exclusive GIGsoup 2000trees Festival interview

GIGsoup sat down with guitarist Mark Trotter of Cambridge rockers Lonely The Brave fresh after coming off stage at 2000trees festival last weekend, and chatted about all things new & exciting in their world right now…

So – the latest LTB album ‘Things Will Matter’, was released in May. What’s your personal favourite track from the release?  

Probably Jaws of Hell. That song beat us up for years – it took so long to get it to be where we wanted it to be, so when it finally got finished it was a massive relief, and it was also really cool. So that’s why I like it so much, it really kicked the sh*t out of me for two years! I mean its not my favourite to play live, as I have to concentrate a lot. Others I can play with a blindfold really – but that one I’ve really got to think about.  

Following such a huge release – you have the ‘Dust and Bones’ EP coming out soon. Can you give us details about the track-listing on it?  

Good question. Obviously Dust and Bones – and theres a couple of new tracks which you won’t have heard just yet. Theres a track called Bolt of Time, and another called Place Isn’t Lost. As well as that theres a Pink Floyd cover on there, Comfortably Numb, which is obviously an incredible song and a big responsibility to try and cover and do it justice – because its probably my favourite Pink Floyd guitar song.  

Was it difficult to decide on a track, as a band, to cover for the EP? 

Not really, we’ve very varied with that stuff. Most the time we pick songs that we’ve just been enjoying, or something that Dave likes – very varied stuff, we’ve gone from First Aid Kit, Bjork… Springsteen to Pink Floyd.  

You’re definitely the kind of band that’s able to mix their sound into such varied covers, are there any bands generally that have inspired the recent releases?  

Why thank you! Personally or as a band? Personally, I don’t really tend to listen to many bands these days… I tend to listen to a lot of film score music, and a lot of classical music. That’s the kind of stuff that inspires me – anything that’s quite cinematic.  

Anything as a band? 

Nope not really – we’re all into so much different stuff, y’know, theres no one band that we aspire to sound like, we don’t think like that at all. 

You also worked with a different producer for ‘Things Will Matter’, taking a different production route towards the sound of it – what inspired this choice?  

Well we don’t really want to do the same record twice, especially as we had no problems with the first record, so theres no point making the second one sound like the first one. We had an interesting few months with the music industry and the way things work – I mean it could’ve been really easy to go in and make a really polished, really professional sounding record and go for the really big stadium stuff, but it wasn’t really our style so we went for something a bit dirtier and a bit rawer. 

During The Xcerts’ set last night, someone proposed to their girlfriend in the audience – what must’ve that been like when the same thing happened during a Lonely The Brave show in Vienna recently?

Yeah that was amazing! Hazel and her partner – we knew it was going to happen as he spoke to us before the show, and the crowd kind of all parted… it was beautiful, really really cool. I’m a married man myself so to have that happen it reminds you of that moment, it was really sweet and special that they chose us to be a part of their special day too.

What does it feel like, at this point in your career, to start having festivals coming up to you and asking to headline? (Fort Fest, Anchored to the Sound) 

Its amazing. Y’know, a couple of years ago we were playing quite early slots in festivals. We’ve worked hard to be here, I’m not gonna say we’ve fluked it – but its the truth that we’ve worked so hard – as long as people turn up, it’ll be incredible!

Checking out any bands on 2000trees lineup today?

Sadly not. We’ve got such a busy schedule… we would’ve loved to have stuck around for Mallory Knox, and we toured with Twin Atlantic so we’re great mates. They are THE loveliest dudes that we’ve ever met – we’ll probably have to go and see if they’re backstage before their set so we can say hello.

Lonely The Brave’s ‘Dust and Bones’ EP is released on the 12th August via Hassle Records, and they will be headlining both Fort Fest (Bedfordshire) & Anchored To The Sound (Plymouth) festivals this summer – don’t miss it.

Lonely The Brave - Exclusive GIGsoup 2000trees Festival interview

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