Liverpool Psych Fest ‘In Their Own Words’ – Julie’s Haircut

Julie’s Haircut are a Northern Italian sextet from Emilia who have been active since the early 1990s, releasing around twenty albums and EPs since their debut in 1996. Starting out as garage and punk rock revival band, they’ve expanded their sound to incorporate more experimental elements over the years. Taking inspiration from the methods of Can and Miles Davis, among others, they have created their own form of consciousness-expanding psychedelia that incorporates genres such as krautrock, space rock, prog and jazz. Their most recent album, ‘Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin‘, was issued via Rocket Recordings back in February.  In the tenth of our series of interviews with the Liverpool Psych Fest congregation, we spoke to Julie’s Haircut about their upcoming appearance at the festival.

How would you describe your music?

I’m tempted to answer: ‘why would I when one can just listen to it?’ But that would make me sound like a dick, wouldn’t it? I really do not want to sound like a dick, so… I’d say we’re interested in some features like repetition and hypnotic patterns and spacey sounds and subtle grooves, and we enjoy expressing those features in the most different ways. And, being Italian, we like melodies too. Do I sound like a dick anyway?

Who or what have been the biggest influences on your sound?

I think anyone who even remotely tries to make the kind of music we try to make has to pay tribute most of all to The Velvet Underground. Basically that’s where it all comes from, even though we sound very different. But then again, we’re six people in the band and everyone has their own tastes that range from jazz to hip-hop, from electronica to classical music, and to all this musical magma you’d have to add all those movies, books, art exhibitions, conversations that melt into our own world. Really too many to mention.

What made you want to play at Liverpool Psych Fest and will this be your first time?

This will be our first time at the festival and we’re really excited, we’ve been following its development over the years from a distance and now we have the chance to be an active part of it. They’ve asked us very early on this year and we jumped right in.

How well do you know Liverpool and what’s your favourite thing about the city?

We’ve been there just once before, playing The Cavern during some bank holiday, or some city festival, I just can’t remember but… it was intense! The Liverpool crowd seems to enjoy its drinks, to say the least, but in a good way. I remember a general happy vibe going all across the city. We enjoyed a beautiful exhibition about psychedelia at the Tate. I remember that yellow terrapin thing you have cruising tourists around the city, both on the streets and diving into the Mersey? I’m sure it’s still going, tell me it is. Whoever invented that must (or at least should) be rich. Anyway, when you’ve given birth to The Beatles it seems just unfair to ask anyone what’s nice about your city. I’ve never been to Anfield, I’d like to see a match there.

Indoor festivals have been growing in popularity in recent years, have you played at many of them and how do they compare to outdoor events?

We’ve been doing both and we enjoy both. Indoor you get that club heat that’s always great, you get more intimate with the audience. But I like outdoor events during the summer, when you’re lucky enough to get that pleasant chill in the air and the vibe is good.

What’s your favourite festival memory?

The favourite of course I’m not able to remember it.

Have you ever dabbled in psychedelics? If so, how would you describe your experience?

Not my thing to be honest. I dabble in other things.

Apart from yourselves, who would you recommend people see at Liverpool Psych Fest?

Not just because they’re Italian too, I don’t care for nationalism, but personally I want to go see JuJu. Even though they come from our same country I’ve only recently come to know about them and I fell in love with their records, yet I’ve never seen them play live. I’m quite curious about our label mates Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs too, I hear they have a smashing set. Then I guess I’ll enjoy The Black Angels, and Songhoy Blues, and I’m also looking forward to the Adrian Sherwood set.

Why should festival goers take time out to come and see you play? What can they expect from your live set?

Honest groovy music. No nudity. Well, not most of the times. The drummer looks cool.

Julie’s Haircut will be performing at Liverpool Psych Fest on Friday 22rd September. You can follow them on Facebook and via their Bandcamp page.

The sixth edition of Liverpool Psych Fest will take place at Camp & Furnace on 22nd and 23rd of September. Check out our review of last year’s festival here. For more details about this year’s event head over to Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.Liverpool Psych Fest