The jolting electro-rock of Francobollo is a perfect fusion of weird and wonderful. The buoyant four-piece are featuring at this years Live At Leeds festival, and we caught up with them to talk high-vis vests, The Big Moon and DIY sets.

Do you have any fond memories of Leeds?

The only association we have to Leeds is from the Film “The Big Lebowski”. The dude’s just been reunited with his Ford Torino at The Police compound and whilst he’s sitting in the car he asks the police man if they’re gonna catch the guys or if they have any promising leads. After a sarcastic remark from the police men including “detectives working in shifts” he starts laughing whilst uttering his short lived catch-phrase “LEAAAADS”. With some imagination you can switch the A in Leads into an E and voilá you’ve got a fond memory of Leeeeeeeeeds!

Who on this years bill excites you?

So much stuff! Husky Loops and The Big Moon of course! Husky Loops supported us at our latest release and knocked everyone over with their heavy riffs and sweet samples. And 3/4th of us Francos just got back from SxSW where we saw The Big Moon play at The British Music Embassy and they blew all our minds!

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Leeds legends – Kaiser Chiefs or Alt-J?

After working in a bar for more than three years you simply don’t wanna hear anymore Kaiser Chiefs. Alt-J all the way!

Your number one festival tip is?

Get a high visibility vest. Buy vest. Wear vest. Fly!

What would be your dream trio of festival headliners?

Deerhoof just after they’ve released Apple’o, Wu Tang Clan in their prime and CAN just after they released Ege Bamyasi. But it depends on the feel of the festival of course… They’d all wear high visibility vests and jackets. OBD would’ve gotten himself some High Visiblity Grills to make this occasion extra festive.

How is it different for you to play at a festival, as opposed to a standalone tour/gig?

The weather’s a huge factor at an outdoor festival. The crowd moves about loads and have short attention span so it can get tricky but if you’re quick to be right up in their high visibility grills they’ll stay til the end of the show. If it’s indoors the only real difference is that there’s loads more gear in the green room and longer queues for the bathroom. Camera-People also ruin the front row by knocking you in the head with ridiculously sized lenses that they use to “capture the mood”. I understand that it’s important to document and all that but we as an audience must make it harder for them. If a camera man wants you to move so he can get a perfect angle of the guitarist and the drummer when you’re having a great time right where you’re standing you should tell him to go E himself. E as you all know is the neighbour letter of F and can therefore be used by proxy when describing what we think you should say to post-production camera men. You paid to see the show, he got in for free. enough said.

What can we expect from your set at LAL?

Solidified happiness. A happiness that can only be created by combining a Uk tour experience with duct tape, angry guitars, stress related drumming and the occasional silence. We like it DIY basically.

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