Leon C Releases New Single ‘I Was Meant to Love’ – Exclusive Interview

After the release of his debut album “Please,” back in the summer of 2018, folk singer-songwriter Leon C returns with another stunning track titled “I Was Meant to Love.”

Despite it’s more orchestral arrangement, the song preserves a rawness to it: remaining true to Leon’s intimate and captivating live performances. With two tours across the UK – his first consisting of over 25 shows alone – Leon C has already built up a strong fanbase in a short time. 

This is an artist who uses his authenticity to his advantage, and the lyrics to this next single feel almost confessional. The sense of honesty present throughout all of Leon C’s music makes him instantly likeable as an artist, and audiences can easily identify with his message on a deeper-rooted level. “I Was Meant to Love” is a clear demonstration of Leon’s talent as a lyricist as it is of his skills as a classical guitarist.

GIGsoup recently got the chance to speak to Leon about his latest release.

Since the release of “Please,” Leon has premiered four stand-alone tracks. “This year hasn’t had anything major released in it,” he explains. “It’s been a mixture of getting used to university and also getting the chance to record at Abbey Road.

The music video for “I Was Meant to Love” was premiered on the 9th November, a week after the single’s release. “[The reaction has] been nice (…) it means a lot, I’ve not had this sort of attention before! Lots of blogs saying kind things, and had some kind words from people playing it on the radio. You know how it goes. The friends like it too which is very sweet!

It’s definitely set the president (…) for a big project we’re working on right now that we hope to release next year.”

In between touring, Leon C has been working with Armistice Records on upcoming tracks at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. “Things don’t work as quickly at Abbey as you can imagine,” he starts. “It’s definitely set the president for a lot of things, and for a big project we’re working on right now that we hope to release next year, in audio quality and in recording standard.

The emotion and vulnerability of the lyrics in the track itself are evidence enough of the personal touch Leon has infiltrated into his music. “[It’s about] tough times, and emotional hardship. I spent a long time worrying I wasn’t gonna find love and in November last year I sort of broke down a bit and spewed this thing out on a quiet evening.

Leon’s first tour took place after the debut of his album, and “[the tour was] grand, did another this summer.”

The first one was tough,” he admits. “I didn’t quite have much of a filter of where I played, and I got demoralised at points. This year’s one was more spaced out and all the gigs were crackers with kind audiences.

Keep in your comfort zone too, touring is hard work and you can get down quick.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, taking on a successful tour as a musician is something clearly learnt through experience. “Go to reputable nights, make sure you get paid and costs covered,” he advises. “Aim for gigs that you know are suitable for your audience size. If you know a night requires you to bring people and you know you can’t, don’t do it. Keep in your comfort zone too, touring is hard work and you can get down quick. Lastly plan it a while in advance, slots at the good nights tend to fill up quick. And when it comes round to doing it, eat properly, give yourself days off and make sure you practice plenty, you can get the attention of pubs even with just being well rehearsed.

Catch him performing live at:

1000 Trees, Birmingham – 14/11/19
The Jekyll and Hyde, Birmingham – 21/11/19
Olaf’s Tun Craft Ale Bar, Southampton – 15/12/19
The Railway Inn, Winchester – 04/01/20