Lennon Stella – Exclusive GIGsoup interview

Lennon Stella is blazing a trail with her modern, thoughtful, catchy pop songs.  We talked hit records, being part of a hit TV show and hitting the road.

HI, welcome, it’s great to speak with you today.

How has your European tour has been so far, as you reach the finale here in London

It’s been so fun, last night was blast. It’s been so cool seeing the differences in each place and the energy change going from country to county.

Tell us the story behind your latest single ‘Golf on TV’

 This song I wrote with JP Saxe.  I went in to the session, started talking about how in love I am. JP is also very in love.  We were basically talking about monogamy and how great it is. We then started talking about people in open relationships.  While we were talking about it, JP said ‘I just don’t get that. Some people watch golf on TV, I don’t get that either.’ We just started laughing and then we wrote about being in love with one person.

Talk us through how ‘La Di Da’ came about– that song has proved to be such a crowd pleaser.

I wrote that at song writing camp in Nicaragua, about two years ago now.  I wrote that with Emily Warren and Joel Little.  I was the first time I ever wrote with them. We started talking and exploring everything I was going through at the time.  We ended talking for hours and wrote the song in ten minutes.  We had so much to talk about and the song came from that. It ended up on the EP.

What were your five favourite things about being Maddie on the show ‘Nashville’

  • It was cool playing the character from twelve to eighteen.  That was fun
  • She’s very opinionated. She knows what she wants and I love that. It inspired me to be surer of my decisions
  • She’s a bit more of a rebel than I am, so I got out my rebellion through her
  • Being with my sister. We would fight on the show and got it all out
  • It was a cool cast to be part of and grow up around

You have collaborated with some of the best musicians and songwriters around. Who has been the most influential and why?

The Chainsmokers.  I love that collaboration. Playing that song live with them, going on tour and opening the show – it was just on such a massive scale.  I learned so much and took so much away from it.

What are your hopes for the year ahead?

I am hyper focused on the album, putting that out and then touring.  That’s were my head is at right now. Once that’s out, I think I feel at ease.

With an album there is so much more freedom. You have more space to tell different stories.  It’s nice to have the room to be more creative. Different parts of your self can be written about.  The album really captures different things I’ve been feeling, a bit of everything really.

How will you relax and recharge when you get home?

I will spend two days straight not leaving the house.  I’m such a homebody, so going back to Nashville – I just love being at home, taking it easy with my family and recharging.

Quick-fire Questions

Generous or gentle                                        Generous

Sand dunes or rose blooms                         Sand dunes

Soup or salad                                                   Soup

Call or text                                                       Call

Harry Styles or Liam Payne                           Harry Styles

George or Ringo                                               John, of course!