JohnLikeJohn – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Introducing JohnLikeJohn, a 22-year-old folk artist. We took some time out to catch up with him to talk about his latest release Burn The World,  an exploration of dark, satirical poetry, as he repositions folk as a vital form of storytelling and we discuss his future plans.

First things first, how are you?

Pretty good, well kind of sunburnt. London had sun yesterday. I was not prepared.

You have recently released Burn The World – talk to us about this release, what’s the meaning behind the track?

So Burn The World was initially supposed to be a full-length Folk Opera, that was until I realised writing a full-length Folk Opera is impossible. Burn The World is basically a soliloquy from God, his admittance that he feels nothing for the Earth or the people who live there. The songs all about apathy and the tragedy of feeling so little for something you’re supposed to really love.

Your music often tells a story, how do you create these stories, what are your influences?

Being a somewhat folkie songwriter, telling stories just comes with the territory. A lot of the music I grew up on was like traditional English folk, songs all about pagan sacrifices, fair maidens and fat witches. And usually, there’s some lesson to be learnt from the story, like don’t sacrifice fair maidens to fat witches, or something. Most of the time my songs are just things that have happened to me, except with more characters.

How would you describe your sound, in 3 words?

Romantic Garden Strum

What is your thought process in the studio when creating a track?

Everything has to be recorded LIVE! I’ve tried recording each instrument individually and in the end, when you stick it together it just sounds like clockwork. I treasure all the imperfections and f*ck ups.

Can we expect a full length project?

My EP Boys Who Blush will be coming to a store near you sometime soon, maybe soon.

What is on the horizon for JohnLikeJohn, where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

In 3 years time I’ll be 25, hopefully by that time I’ll be a global sensation/musical demigod. If not, well a career in sandal construction?

Find JohnLikeJohn on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.