JJ Wilde – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

JJ Wilde released her debut single in February and is now out on tour with The Glorious Sons. With powerful vocals and incredible stage presence to boot JJ Wilde puts on a show. A natural performer with the backing of a great band make this a rock set you don’t want to miss. JJ Wilde is an opener that you are grateful you got to the venue early for, and will turn you into an instant fan. With a fresh single and new music on the way, make sure you don’t miss learning about JJ Wilde.

I had the chance to learn a bit more about JJ in an interview before the show. We were able to talk about her new single ‘Wired’, singing from personal experience and using her music to introduce herself to you. Read more about JJ Wilde below and make sure to listen to her new single ‘Wired’.

Alright cool. I am here at Rough Trade in New York with JJ Wilde…

JJ: Hellooooo (laughs)

Now is this your first tour?

JJ: Um this is my first tour doing this with this project. So yeah!

and how did the tour come together? How did you end up being on Tour with The Glorious Sons?

JJ: So it really just started as an idea, and the Sons guys were really supportive of the idea. And with the guys support on it they said okay and I was like ‘Fuck Yeah’.

And how has the beginning of tour been?

JJ: This is the second show. The first show was great! Great response, the set went well. I was really happy.

And most importantly you just released your new single ‘Wired’ two weeks ago. What can you tell us about the new single?

JJ: What can I tell you about it? Um that I like it. and…(laughs)

Hey I do too, so I can tell you that as well. (laugbs)

JJ: (laughs) No um I’m excited about it. I think it’s just a kind of raw, unapologetic story that I want to tell. It is one of my stories and it is about personal experience and frustration and yeah.

With that as you continue to release music is it going to be similar with personal experiences like ‘Wired’ and having a story to tell?

JJ: Yeah! Honestly a lot of what I write and definitely for this EP a lot of what I’ve written has been personal experience. All of it is. I mean it is my first thing so I want people to know who I am so my first songs are basically that.

So I’m sure we are going to hear a lot of your songs on that EP you mentioned tonight as you take the stage here at Rough Trade. What can people expect from a JJ Wilde live set?

JJ: Energy…Sweat and um hopefully they feel something. From the music. I just I love performing and this music is very close to my heart so yeah they can just expect a lot of feels.

Who would you say your influences are?

JJ: That’s always a tough question because I find that influences, I have my music influences but there’s so many. I also find that I am influenced from a lot more than just music. So it’s hard to say because you know it can be from what I grew up listening to, to I was influenced by a song this morning. You know what I mean or I am influenced by this city that I’m in, I’m influenced by this record store, it’s everywhere so it is heard to put like a pinhead on it.

I love that, I feel the same way. Honestly that is my least favorite question. I don’t like asking it, I hated to put it. I only asked it to set up this next question that I had. It is a totally selfish question. But your press release compared you to Liz Phair, Bikini Kill, and Jesse Jo Stark. Liz Phair has the best RomCom song of all time with ‘Why Can’t I?’, today is Valentines day so I am wondering what is JJ Wilde’s favorite RomCom?

JJ: (laughs) Oh man okay here is a good one. Like when I go for RomComs it is all the cheese. The corniest shit. But um Maid in Manhattan was a good one with Jennifer Lopez (laughs) she is the queen of RomCom’s she fucking does it well.

(laughs) That is a good one. That song is also a dream karaoke song of mine. I have a question I ask in every interview to artists. It being if they like karaoke, and what their go-to song would be. So i’ll ask you, do you like karaoke?

JJ: I fucking hate it. I hate karaoke. I hate it.. I’m the last one for you to ask. People will try to get me to sing and I find I have done it maybe a few times. I know it is all fun and games and it is not like I take it seriously or anything. But I’m just not for it. I love watching it. I love watching karaoke but I don’t love doing it.

No that is perfect. You said that you’re not a good person to ask for that. But those are the answers I am looking for. I find it really interesting because as I’ve asked I’ve had ones like you that too hate karaoke, and have also had people that say they like performing karaoke just as much as a real show. So it is funny.

JJ: (laughs) Yeah no I just have never really taken to it.

You mentioned a future EP, what can we expect for future music from JJ Wilde?

JJ: Some tunes! (laughs) yeah i’ll keep that a little bit of a mystery. But I am going to be releasing some more songs. and…(laughs) that’s all you get.

What are you most excited for with these new songs?

JJ: Um the whole thing man. Playing, this tour, and sharing this music that I feel very strongly for is what I am excited about. Yeah just the ride. It is going to be a wild ride and i’m excited.

What is something you would like people to know about your music?

JJ: I definitely want people to hear it and make their own opinions from it. It comes from the heart and is unfiltered me. So people are going to listen to it and craft their own opinions from it.

Check out more from JJ Wilde on Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure to see her and The Glorious Sons in a city near you. Get your tickets here.