Jetstream – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Gibraltar rockers Jetstream are back with another new single to whet your appetite for their London show on 16th February. The brooding and intense The Last Goodbye is the power ballad re-worked for the 21st century, and builds to an epic climax.

Fans of Linkin Park’s quieter moments or Kings Of Leon’s anthemic slow burn will find plenty to love here – check out the new video below.

We caught up with the band for a chat about the new material, their place in the new rock scene and their plans for 2019.

For the uninitiated, tell us about the Jetstream sound and what you’re all about as a band.

Great question… In a nutshell Jetstream is a calling for five guys from the Rock of Gibraltar who are passionate about music. We say of ourselves ‘The band that’s hard to label’ which is true for several reasons… 

Firstly, we are an exciting hybrid sound of big American rock vocals mixed with Brit-pop guitars & EDM/new wave synths. So categorizing Jetstream by genre is hard to do. Undoubtedly our roots lie in guitar-based rock music but you may see us in the Pop Rock categories on Spotify, or at Indie Rock gigs in London even in Classic Rock magazines & radio shows.

And secondly, as we don’t naturally conform to traditional genres / categories this is partly why we are an unsigned band as record labels usually like our sound but have no idea what to do with us. Sounds frustrating right? Actually… it’s great to know we are different. 

We feel closest to bands like the Killers & Imagine Dragons who blend pop or rock with interesting elements such as hip hop or even EDM. 

This mix of sounds really has a lot to do with our heritage. For those who don’t know… our home the Rock of Gibraltar is a tiny piece of Great Britain, a little rock which is home to 30,000 people situated at the southernmost point of Europe. We are connected to Spain via the mainland, and 20 minutes away from Morocco across the water. 2 hours flight away from Blighty, and a 3 hour drive to Portugal. We are bang in the centre of a huge mix of cultures, food, music, art, language etc. Naturally our musical influences are equally as diverse – we loved the grunge era, most radio stations play a mix of top US charts and the best of British all day every day, night clubs play a mix of Latin pop and American house & hip hop. So that doesn’t mean all this comes through when we write our music, but influences certainly are there. 

In 2018 we took our sound out to the UK and Europe on a mini tour… Camden Assembly in London, La Cocina in Madrid, Belgium too. It was a great test which proved to us that there is an appetite for what we do. It gave us the confidence that we are doing something right and are now more focused than ever. 

Tell us about the new single The Last Goodbye– it seems like a departure from the bluesy sound you were rocking on your last track Delta Blues.

We’re so excited about our latest material, we’ve been developing our sound for a while now and the brand new single ‘The Last Goodbye’ is very much a culmination of our aspirations to date and the musical direction we have been pursuing. Yes it does sound like it’s a throwback to classic rock but as we are coining it….’we’ve reinvented the power ballad for the digital age’ … the EDM synths in this song are doing so much of the work. We love it. 

Our last single ‘Delta Blues’ was different – very American rock which was a surprise to us. I guess sometimes when you develop a song it can go in many different directions… and for us first and foremost we do what we think is right for the song, not the band. ‘Delta Blues’ became this big guitar riff driving rock song. It’s a beast of a song to play on a big stage, haha! 

Having said that we do believe when you listen to the two songs back to back (and our next few releases coming in 2019) you will hear the common thread that ties them all together which is that mix of American Vocals, Brit Pop guitars and big synths. 

You’ve played some big stages with some high-profile artists, and also play smaller venues as a headline act of your own – which do you prefer and why?

We are so grateful to made big stage appearances at this early stage in our careers, and unashamedly we LOVED every minute of it. From the backstage banter meeting some of our idols, to the huge impact of a concert sound system that makes you feel every drum beat in your chest and gets that adrenaline going. 

Can’t deny there is also something very special about those smaller intimate gigs where you are that close up you can see the whites of the eyes of the crowd singing your songs back to you. That’s just magic. We’ve done some top smaller shows in London over 2018… and are so looking forward to getting to continue this in 2019 and head to new towns and cities. 

We’ve got a great little show lined up supporting 90’s pop rockers Toploader (Dancing in the Moonlight) its at the 02 Academy in Islington on Feb 16th. That’s a superb venue, looks like an old cinema, very atmospheric. Don’t underestimate Toploader either, yes you’ve heard them before – but man that guy can wail! It’s not all keys and pop, they break out guitars and big rock tunes you’ve probably not heard but will want to hear again and again. For us that’s EXACTLY the pressure & motivation we live for and will need to step up our game on the night. Can’t wait! 

With hip-hop and pop dominating streaming playlists, do you think rock music is due for a renaissance? 

Yes! Yes! Yes! we can absolutely feel it in our bones. No question that Hip Hop, EDM and Pop all fantastic genres of which we love are having their day and long may that continue. But making new waves in both the rock scene and main stream charts are some great new guitar-based rock bands like Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons leading the charge. Rock is in the movies …both ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and the soon to come Elton John Biopic playing their part in the resurgence of the genre. And notably the top artists announced as festival headliners across the US and UK are mostly guitar rockers (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Biffy Clyro, Kings of Leon, The 1975). 

Does this mean we regress to the rock sounds of old? Nah, we don’t believe that is the case…. There’s an exciting new breed of modern rock/ indie / pop artists with classic rock roots like ourselves breaking through the emerging circuit (Bang Bang Romeo, Red Rum Club, Cassia). Everyone bringing something new to the table… sounds good right?

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

We don’t rest much, we are already in the studio working on new material. In parallel to that we’ve got a series of great gigs lined up starting with the support slot for Toploader in February in London’s 02 Academy in Islington. 

We then head to Belgium & Madrid and are announcing a series of festival performances across the Uk & Spain for this summer (Lechlade Festival, Jurassic Fields Festival & more to be announced).

Our ultimate aim for 2019 is to build on our achievements of 2018, travel to new places, play to new fans, write and record even better material to release. We look forward to getting bigger opportunities to perform on bigger venues, more headline slots in front of more people where we can do our thing. It’s all good!

The Last Goodbye is out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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