JC Stewart chats to GIGsoup

JC Stewart has been taking the music world by storm – 10 million of us have streamed his songs. He has toured with Lauv and Freya Ridings. So, welcome to GIGsoup.  

Let’s start by asking how have you made the best of Lockdown? 

I’ve been writing, eating, completed Netflix and learned a load of flags off my heart. I didn’t realise how much of a nerd I really was before this.

 What is the story behind ‘I need you to hate me’?

I wrote it about the end of a relationship where neither of us hated each other but we knew it had to end. I remember being super frustrated and thinking that if she hated me it would be so much easier to walk away.

Please tell us your memories of writing ‘Hollywood’ with Lewis Capaldi?

It was a long night in Ealing with good friends writing a fun song. It came together super last minute and was more of a hang than anything else.

When did you write your first song and what was it all about?

I remember it well! It was called New Generation and about politics in Northern Ireland. A light subject ha-ha.

Who is the person you most respect and why? 

Apart from my parents, I think Nile Rogers for all that he’s achieved and for how much of a secret genius he is behind the scenes. I’d love to work with him again someday. 

Quick fire questions

Peace or joy – Peace

Raindrops or sunrays – Hmmmmm, tough one cause I’m Irish. But sunrays!

Film or book – Film 

Merlot or Margaux – Merlot for sure

Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez – Is that even a question, Aniston!