Jaws – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview (From The Engine Rooms, Southampton)

Following the release of their second studio album ‘Simplicity’ in 2016, Birmingham band JAWS have started to  their UK tour. After their first indie pop single ‘Toucan Surf’ produced a large quantity of intrigued followers, the band went on to release ‘Surround You’, ‘Friend Like You’ and ‘Gold’.

After a courageous decision to finally start a band in 2012, due to singer Connor receiving positive feedback after posting a demo online, the band soon enough became ‘ones to watch’, especially within the B-Town scene. Having toured with the likes of Twang, Swim Deep and Spector, they have gained plenty of stage experience since their formation, and its easy to identify once you seem them play.

Their second stop on their tour was Southampton, with this being their biggest capacity show they have performed in the city, the excitement and energy flowing into the venue was undeniable. The crowd is substantially comprised of a younger audience, most likely having been gained from the release of ‘Simplicity’ . However as JAWS stroll onto the stage and the  melody for ‘Surround You’ (off of their first album ‘Be Slowly’) strikes the venue, a density of cheers accompanied with chucking of drinks follow.

On the outskirts of the room are a majority of two stepping fans, dancing and smiling up at the stage, whilst the hyper moshers push and shove and organise a pit when the choruses kick in. ‘Think Too Much Feel Too Little’ proved to be a cherished tune as roars of ”we get it, we get it, its over” dominate over and hands strike the air in approval and agreement to every lyric.  Ultimately this tour is to bring light to the bands new set of songs and it is clear the album has been on repeat for many of the crowd, as Connor’s vocals of ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ are projected to the crowd singing in unison.

As the set descends towards its finish, the band do not plan to go out lightly. As ‘Be Slowly’ begins, faces perk up even more so, and it seems everyone is up for a lighthearted push and shove.  ‘Is it something I said to you?’ vocals remind everyone what it is that makes this band special. Not only the clever and personal lyrics marinated in their unique synth melodies and guitar riffs make them a must see, but it is the crowd energy they manage to produce so effortlessly that secures them a humble spot as one of the most enjoyable live indie bands currently.

GIGsoup managed to ask talented frontman Connor Schofield a few questions before their set…

Who were the most enjoyable band to have toured with?

We did a tour once with Milk Teeth & Fickle Friends that was so fun, we also had a really good laugh when we went on tour with Nai Harvest

How have your influences changed since your formation in 2012?

Not really, we’ve never had set influences. we’re quite open minded individuals when it comes to music .

What is your favourite song to play live?

We don’t play it much but 17 is pretty cool, looking forward to playing it on the upcoming tour! has a really good energy when it drops.

What is the best venue you have performed at?

Probably the institute in Birmingham. just because of all the bands i saw there growing up. You dont really get to enjoy venues from the punter perspective when you’re touring, you mostly see the stage, the dressing room and the venue when its completely empty.

What new bands would you say you are most impressed by/ worth checking out?

Social Contract, I’ve been in bands with Josh for years and lived with him for a bit this year. Really impressed with everything he’s doing at the moment. Big things to come from ‘The Contract.’

Are there any specific artist/album influences you focused on  for ‘Simplicity’?

No, not really, like I said earlier we’re quite open minded even when it comes to writing, if I’m feeling a riff or an idea we just go for it and see where it ends up.

What made you decide on the name ‘JAWS‘ ?

Impatience and boredom, I wanted to put a demo online and didn’t have a name. I was thinking of characters from film and tv for inspiration and thought of JAWS from James Bond and just thought “-that’ll do”

JAWS‘ new single ‘Just A Boy’ is out now

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