James Bourne – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

James Bourne … songwriter extraordinaire and one third of Busted. He’s released a new single ‘Everyone is my friend’ ahead of a solo album in the autumn.

Thanks for taking time out to chat today. First of all how are you today? 

Very well thank you 

How was lockdown for you? 

I learned new skills and filled the gaps in my domestic abilities. I can cook now 🤣

Please tell us the story behind your new track ‘Everyone is my friend’

It’s the first song I’m releasing as solo artist. It’s a song that spreads positivity, love and oneness. We need that more than ever.

Five things you adore about song writing might include 

  • Creating something new 
  • Traveling
  • Meeting new people 
  • Doing music 
  • Recording 
  • Playing it live 

It’s a very life affirming existence 

Looking back on your career, what were the defining moments for you?

Writing Year 3000! That song is the gift that keeps on giving. It broke Busted. It got used in a Simpsons episode. We performed it at Wembley stadium with the Jonas Brothers.

What are your hopes for the new decade? 

I just kinda wanna think about this year first. Things are changing so quickly right now. It’s hard to think long term. 

If you were an ice-cream flavour, what would that be and why? 

I’d be the Magnum double layer Ice cream.

Quick fire questions 

If you had to choose, would you pick….

Faith or fact – Fact 

Nashville or New York – New York 

Washing up or hoovering – Hoovering 

Apple or orange – Orange 

James Dean or James Taylor – Taylor