Jake Isaac chats to GIGsoup about debut ‘Our Lives’, Abbey Road and summer festivals

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jake Isaac is on the brink of huge success as he is set to release his debut album next month. He hails from South London with an extensive Caribbean background which filters through in his feisty and empowering blend of pop and soul music while taking inspiration from an immense variety of genres and styles.

Isaac’s debut record ‘Our Lives’ arguably serves as a nod back to his roots and not forgetting the past, which is also evident on his latest single ‘Long Road’ as he reflects on his journey to this point. Honesty is paramount in terms of songwriting for Isaac and his endearing and positive persona will no doubt see him go far with this debut and after headline slots across Europe and huge support slots with Paloma Faith and Ella Eyre to name a few, he is already becoming somewhat of a household name. With the record only a slender two weeks away, GIGsoup’s Ben Bowman caught up with the singer-songwriter to talk all about it.

Your new single ‘Long Road’ is receiving its fair share of attention at the moment, what inspired you to write this track? 

This track was pretty much written out of frustration lol! Was really trying to figure out my sound and my vibe as an artist and there was one point where I literally had EVERYONE and their mother telling me I needed to be more like blah blah, or sound like blah blah…Totally nothing against the people that were mentioned, but I just wanted a chance to be able to figure out my own journey lol!

This summer looks set to be an extremely busy one for yourself, playing numerous festivals and wrapping it up with a UK Tour in September. What are you most looking forward to and where are you most looking forward to playing? 

My whole summer actually kicks off with a month’s tour around Europe and to be honest when I think about the festivals and then the UK tour after that I can honestly say I’m probably most looking forward to playing my home town LANDAAAN!…it’s always a wicked feeling playing at home, but yet it’s also a MASSIVE privilege to play in other countries and in front of loads of amazing other crowds!

After a number of EP releases, what does it feel like to finally put your debut album together and what can we expect from it? 

It feels AMAZING to FINALLY have an album ready…my last EP was released 2 years and was the last of 4! So I kinda think album is probably WAY overdue to be fair lolol! Honestly I really hope that people will be able to at least relate to one song from my new album, I’ve really tried to be as honest with the songs as possible. Hopefully people actually like it…hopefully ha!

You recently shared what you’re listening to on your Tour Playlist, are these artists that you take inspiration from or is it that you simply enjoy their material? 

Yea they are totally artists that I simply LOVE their material and I suppose in a way as a result am inspired in some way!

For those who have not heard of you or your music, how would you describe your sound? 

I would describe my music as Folk & Soul or somewhere in between lol!…To be honest, I’ve kinda let go of trying to figure it out. I dunno if that’s a good thing or not to be fair ha! Whatever happens I really just try and make music which moves me and then hope that it moves someone else when the listen to it. If it doesn’t move me then I’ll try and work as hard as possible till it does, then hope for the best!

You worked on your album at Abbey Road Studios, that must have been quite an experience? 

Yea had the privilege of doing a bit on the album at Abbey Road. It was VIBES central! such a crazy crazy place to work in let alone be simply because of all the phenomenal music that has come out of there. It was a MASSIVE honour!

Talk to me about Rocket Music, what is it like being in the company of the likes of Elton John and Ed Sheeran? 

Errrrmm, pressure. At the same time Elton is ridiculously supportive of all of his artists at Rocket. Crazy to be among some amazing people/artists.

What are your hopes for the rest of this year? You’ve got the album coming out, but how else do you feel you can progress? 

To be honest…I haven’t even thought that far ahead lolol…professional I know eh?! I think one of the things which is and has always been a massive thing for me is getting out and playing as hard as I can in front of as many as possible and I feel it will be as important as ever in this case in order to communicate the new material well. That’s it really ha!

Jake Isaac’s debut Solo Album ‘Our Lives’ is out on May 5th, via Virgin EMI Records and you can pre-order the album now: https://umg.lnk.to/Jake_Isaac_OurLives  
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