Cardiff-based singer-songwriter Ivan Moult has released the second single from his upcoming album ‘Longest Shadow’, out 20th April via Bubblewrap Collective. ‘Lay Me Down’ is a somber confessional folk song enriched with a wonderful string section, while Moult’s voice is vulnerable and emotive, reminiscent of artists like Damien Rice. Moult is set to go on a UK tour this spring to support his new album, and will appear on festivals like Festival of Voice and Unearthed in a Field Festival.

We caught up with Ivan Moult to talk about ‘Lay Me Down’ and his upcoming album.

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What are some of your favourite artists?

Some older artists that I always return to are John Martyn, Nick Drake, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell. Newer artists I’ve been enjoying are my Label mates Eugene Capper and Rhodri Brooks and The Gentle Good who are definitely worth checking out!

How do you go about writing a song?

It’s a process that changes but generally I’ll write some lyrics first, then play around with some chord progressions and hum or sing a melody and meld it all together over a week or so. Other times a whole song can just sort of come out at once when I sit down to play on my own.

How does ‘Longest Shadow’ differ from your previous releases?

As an album I think it’s definitely a step up in production quality and my song-writing ability. It’s a batch of songs that were written about a relationship and they all come along in a few months so I feel it has more of a narrative to it and a consistent sound if you like. Enjoyably I also had the chance to get more strings onto the record thanks to my Callum Duggan my Producer (and bass player) who arranged and recorded those parts. 

What’s the meaning behind ‘Lay Me Down’?

It’s a song that deals with depression and the effect that had on me and my relationship at the time, although I think you can put you own meaning into some songs, hopefully that’s not too morbid!

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Do you sometimes find it hard to write confessional lyrics?

In a word, yes. It’s an awkward process at times as I’m writing not only about my feelings but those of others and how they relate. It’s a cathartic process but it can be guilt inducing as you worry about being too self-indulgent and wallowing in things. Ultimately I can’t help writing that way; it’s just what comes out when I sit down to play   

How do you feel about your upcoming tour?

Positive! The more gigs I get to do with the band the more the songs evolve on the road and change which is really enjoyable. It keeps it fresh for us and hopefully the audience although the band try to stop me changing it up too much! Performing is what I enjoy most about the process and meeting new people and going to new places is a great experience.

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