Following 2 singles Scandinavian alt-rock artist Lou Z has now squeezed a debut EP out of his favorite electric guitar. The music is both slow, dirty and melancholic. Behind Lou Z’s druggy vocals and his worn-out leather jacket, vinyl loops and vintage vibe-y guitars swarm and weave an analogue-feeling audio backdrop that sets the scene.

One of the main inspirations for the songs of the EP comes from a search of remembering the feelings, thoughts and confusions of being a teenager. A time in life where experiences and emotions are amplified to ridiculous levels, but also a time of great curiosity, energy, carelessness and fun.

Listen to the latest single and check out our awesome interview with Lou Z below!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration for your latest EP ‘
Fairyland Goodbye‘? 

Absolutely! The main theme of the EP is about remembering and trying to sympathize with the confusion, the longing, the search and the wild energy that you live through as a teenager. It’s such a time of extremes, where you can go from true bliss to the very bottom in the wink an eye. Everything feels so important and there’s so much you want to do, but at the same time strange silly things may get you down. You try to get to know yourself while blindly navigating in the world. I think it’s nice to visit this state of mind sometimes -in my memories. A good place for inspiration.

How has your community contributed to your success? 

Well first off success is a very relative measure. But I do feel successful in the way that I’ve managed to finish my first piece of work as a solo artist. I did a lot of things myself this time around, played many of the instruments, mixed it and so on, so it is equally satisfying to actually get it finished and put out. Don’t know exactly how my community has contributed, but some of my good friends has helped me by performing on the songs. And that really contributed to the finished versions!

What advice would you give other musicians? 

I don’t particularly see myself as someone who should give advice to other musicians, but one thing that I am very happy about, going to where I am now in my own musical path, is that I spent lots of hours studying the guitar. Practicing for hours a day for a number of years and also studying a lot of music theory and ear training. That really helps cutting some corners where I am now. But it should also be fun too. I spend a lot of time trying to play jazz guitar even though I have always been more of a rock person, so looking back I should maybe just have concentrated on that a little more to begin with. (headbanging as we speak!!! haha)

Describe to our audience your music-making process.

It usually starts with a guitar or on a piano. I am lucky enough to have a cool recording studio in Copenhagen, so after writing most of the song I would probably record a decent sounding demo and start messing around with the arrangement, changing the lyrics on so on. Sometimes I make a pretty elaborate full-sounding pre-production, with programmed drums and all. When I’m happy with the way it feels I would ask a bad-ass drummer to play on it and then strip the whole song from everything else and start recording all the parts anew. Working mainly on my own that seems to be the best way for me to do it. I do miss the whole “band-vibe” sometimes when recording, but other things do get easier the other way around.  

How did it feel when you released your debut single? 

I felt both really excited and pretty nervous too. It’s my first time doing a solo project, so if nobody likes it there’s on going to be one person to blame. But again, if somebody likes the music or compliments it you can really soak up the sunshine…haha. Anyway, it feels great to have it out there and it has also urged me to write a lot of new stuff already and work some more!   

If you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

Right now, I’m pretty crazy about Jade Bird. That voice of hers is just fabulous. It reminds me a little of Janis Joplin when she really pushes it. And then she has got some great song too. She’s welcome in my studio anytime…

What first got you interested into music?

I grew up being friends with the neighbor’s son. He was a bit older than me and listened a lot to rock music. I remember he had one of these cd decks that could hold 4 disks at a time and I was very impressed by that. He played AC/DC, GNR, Black Sabbath and a lot of other rock. It didn’t take too much persuasion to get into that. As a musician I started on the drums, but soon realized that I was more the harmonic sort of person. Got my first guitar at 15 and started rehearsing like crazy. I heard Jimi Hendrix by then and spend the next 5 years being totally obsessed with him and his music.