JS Williams has played an important role in music both in Montreal and internationally with his remarkable work as a composer, guitarist and musician.

In 2019 Williams will release his first album From A Plane, (which was recorded with the help of Rob Heaney (Patrick Watson, Barr Brothers) and is already being compared to Bon Iver and Dan Auerbach.

Today we share the newest to his collection. The new single is called ‘Only Oceans’ available now. We sat down to hear more about his story, check out our interview below!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration for your latest single ‘Only

I wrote “Only Oceans” in France during a break from touring. It had been a long stretch of unhealthy living and after spending four days off with my new love, it became clear that the choices I had been making weren’t the healthiest ones. I knew I had to make a choice. So essentially, Only Oceans is a song about choices.

How has your community contributed to your success? 

Having been a sideman for so long, my community has been mainly
musicians and artists and they have contributed greatly. Not only by
physically working on the music with me but also inspiring me to push
the art. They are constantly challenging and pushing their own art and
that is the best motivation.

What advice would you give other musicians? 

Always try to follow your gut and constantly keep pushing the limits of
what you think is possible.

Describe to our audience your music-making process.

Depending on the music I’m trying to make, the process might be
different. The signwriting process for me is one where I need to isolate
myself. I’ll have the music and words written with most of the
arrangement done before I ask anyone to collaborate.

How did it feel when you released your debut single? 

It felt strange to be in the front for the first time ever. It’s also
interesting/scary to finally show a different side of who I am.

If you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

Blake Mills, Bill Frisell for their unbelievable musicianship and creativity.

What first got you interested into music? 

I’ve always been into music since I can remember. Music is in the
family; both my grandmothers played instruments, one played piano
and the other played drums in all-woman big band in Montréal. But I
think I really got into music when I first heard Jimi Hendrix in high
school. That first listen seems to have changed my life.