Michael Sele


In Spring 2019 Michael Sele, frontman and mastermind behind The Beauty Of Gemina unexpectedly had to undergo major and complex heart surgery. This time turned out to be a highly productive period, full of creativity, resulting in the forthcoming album ‘Skeleton Dreams’. The first UK single from the album is the track ‘Apologise’ – an energetic, powerful slice of indie-rock led by Michael Sele’s strong and narrative voice.  “This song is full of light and darkness about the human dilemma, knowing the time to say good-bye but having no words to say It” says Sele. We had a chat with him to find out more about life, health, lockdown and what the future might look like…

How did you know you wanted to be an artist? What or who inspired you?

Music is and has always been a great part of my life, a constant companion since my early childhood. I started with the classical guitar and I was a very ambitious student. Till today it’s a pleasure to play Bach or all the great composers and I try to keep my scales as good as I can. Being an artist was never my focus. It was clear to me that I had to learn a regular job first and in the small village I grew up in, the idea of becoming an artist was not very popular.

Did you have an instinct that one day you would become a successful artist in a well-known and loved band ?

Honestly, it was never my leading thought but there has always been a certain energy in me and also a kind of longing to perform on stage, to be in the spotlight in front of an audience.

Your work has been very reflective lately – is this because of your recent experience having heart surgery?

On the one hand I am a fictitious story-teller, on the other hand I am very much interested in people and their very real life situations. This, as a whole, weaves into my lyrics. Last year I had to undergo unexpected surgery and it was a time my world was turned upside down for weeks. Before this break, I had already written a lot of demos for the album and after the long period of recovery, I felt that something was different and I had to reset myself in a kind of way. I do not know what happened but I’m sure that this life-changing experience had a major impact on the following work and also the final lyrics.

You have a new single out called “Apologise” – What inspired the song?

It’s a song is about the human dilemma, knowing the time to say good-bye but having no words to say it. A song full of light and darkness at the same time. The music has a lot of positive energy; the lyrics are full of conciliation and confidence.

What has your time in lockdown been like? Who are you with and do you have a daily routine?

It was a time full of contrasting emotions. There were very stressful moments but also moments full of light. For example, seeing my kids during the home schooling period was an interesting experience. As a family we also had the time to rediscover a lot of things together.

You have been together 15 years with 9 album releases and more than 250 gigs – that’s quite an achievement! How does it feel now looking back on your life and career?

Honestly, sometimes I feel a kind of satisfaction or pride, thinking of all my work or all the efforts I made. Thankfully I remember so many moments, travels and encounters with people all over the world. But there are also many moments I do some soul-searching.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Will we get more music?

Actually I really do not know. What will the world be like after this pandemic? What will the music industry and the live business be like after all that? There are many questions. The big fish will survive, that’s for sure, but how will it be for all the smaller acts, artists and musicians?

The Beauty Of Gemina’s latest single ‘Apologise’ is out now