Late last week, GIGsoup were lucky to grab ten minutes with Sam Horvath (drums) & John Clancy (lead vocals and guitar) from rip-roaring live act JUDAS.

Currently on a huge headline UK tour, they were keen to talk Berocca; weirdly shaped food, gig routines and the future……

You’re on a mega UK tour at the moment, 2 dates in Scotland recently, Newcastle tonight and a big one at Live at Leeds on Saturday. Is it pretty tough moving around like that, or is that what it is all about for an upcoming band like yourselves?

John Clancy [JC]: Pretty tough when you’re hungover every morning, especially when you’ve gotta drive

Sam Horvath [SH]: Yeah, definitely, but it is the excitement of it all that gets you through

So it’s a case of playing the gig, having a beer, dusting yourself down and doing it all over again?

JC: I think that’s what it’s all about, otherwise, what’s the point in doing it? If you’re not having fun, the gigs are great and everyone is enjoying themselves and it’s all about taking in the experience of being in a band.

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Being on a big tour, is there any essential home comforts you have to take with you?

JC: Berocca! It’s essential to keep vitamins going in your body. Because you’ll do a gig then have something from a kebab shop or a chicken shop.

SH: The only thing I’ve brought from home is hair conditioner

GS: You have got some pretty fantastic hair, gotta keep that volume up!

Is there anybody past or present you would like to play alongside at all?

SH: definitely, I’ve always said: Tame Impala

JC: I’d have to go Beatles out of anyone. I know it’s the most boring answer but probably also the least boring answer, such legends aren’t they?

GS: A true Liverpool boy!

Yesterday I listened to ‘Some People’, your new track, uploaded recently. It has quite an anthemic feel to it and a lot of your songs have that big sound. Is that because eventually you can see yourself playing in bigger venues, to bigger crowds that will warrant those sort of tunes?

JC: Yeah, we released that a couple of days ago. We’re gonna play all the big stadiums, that’s where we’re heading! Even if no-one is there, we’ll just hire it out for the day and have some fun with it

So what’s planned for the rest of the day… are the band heading down to Newcastle?

SH: yeah, we’re gonna hit the road and head for Newcastle, after grabbing some breakfast

JC: We’re getting a Scottish breakfast! You wanna see it, mate, its mad! They’ve got square sausages here, you know!

Square Sausages- what’s that all about?

JC: Well that’s the weird thing. It’s actually a good idea if you put it on a sarnie or something like that….so you don’t have any sausages rolling out.

I saw you recently signed to booking agents Primary Talent, one of the biggest in the country?

SH: yeah we’ve been organising our own shows for ages, this is our first tour with them. For the first time ever we’re getting riders with pizzas, beers, Jack Daniel’s in the dressing room

JC: Yeah we had like 3 huge boxes of Papa John’s pizzas, 2 bottles of JD and 40 cans and this huge dressing room with these disco lights.

How does it feel to arrive at that point and have that kind of backing? It must mean quite a lot?

JC: I don’t think we’ve really had too much time to think about it, but it’s great to see that there’s some progress going on really, that’s the best thing that we can take from it. It’s amazing.

How was the journey arriving to that point? it’s a couple of years you’ve been together as a band now…

JC: It’s been amazing, everyone we have met so far have looked after us so well and it’s just great to take that next step. We’re just made up we’re going somewhere.

I don’t know if you guys have watched the Oasis Supersonic documentary?

SH: Yeah, yeah. We watched that all together the other day…it is brilliant!

Its nuts some of the stories they have as a band. One of the things I took away from it was that Noel Gallagher said something on the same scale as Oasis will never happen again because the internet gives you everything but then too much to delve into at times. Do you think the internet is something that can help bands like yourselves, in the alternative bracket, or do you have to rely on things such as the rebirth of vinyl and people digging out artists?

SH: That’s a good question actually. With streaming, Spotify or Apple music, it’s so easy to get your phone out and find or search for a band

JC: I think the whole streaming thing has in some ways made it harder for bands. But, in others it has made it easier where anybody can type your name in and find you. Fans don’t have to wait for a show go to a record shop and see if they have your song. But what it means, is that the market is flooded with everyone putting songs up. I think when you break through that crowd, and people start listening to you, it can be really good.

Do you think luck has a part to play in getting noticed, as you said there are now so many bands?

JC: Luck? No. I think the best bands make it and the shit bands don’t.

SH- Yeah, you can’t just do everything online as well. If you’re doing loads of shows, that is when people will go online and find you.

JH- We work harder than anyone else, and that’s what we’re trying to do [get noticed].

Looking at your current tour, you have a real long list of dates with a big choice of locations. Is there any cities you are particularly looking forward to playing, or is London always the biggest draw?

JC: Our London show is the one we’re excited for, because it’s like our “home” show. But Scotland, which we were really looking forward to lived up to all expectations. But, all of them really.

SH: There are so many cities I’d never been to before, so it will be good to see a few of them.

I guess, for you John, you’ll be looking forward to the Liverpool Sound City gig?

SH: Obviously John being from there, we always see all his friends and family when we play there

And get a nice home-cooked meal?

JC: Exactly, yeah! A nice house to stay in, too!

The big one, at the end of the tour, Isle Of Wight Festival. Coincidence or great planning?

SH- We have payed IOW a few times now. It’s our guitarist’s birthday every year we go, so it’s a double celebration. We’ll just have to make sure we pack extra Berocca.

Indeed! So what is next for the band- a long nap after the tour or can we expect to hear some new tunes?

JC: Loads of music!

SH: It’s all in the arsenal [the new music], it’s just a case of sorting it out

Is there a rough date for an album or EP release?

JC: No, we’re just trying to take over the world!

SH: You’ve always got that first album in the back of your mind. We’ve got loads and loads of tunes. We’ve got a rough idea of what it will be but, at the moment, but we’re replacing songs as we write better ones.

Do you see being on the road as a good time to write music or are things just too hectic on a tour?

SH: We thought it would be, but you kind of just get in a routine of getting to the venue, going through the sound check and then getting pissed really!

JC: It’s always a good idea, though, to take some notes down of good stories to tell.

SH: we have a few days off next week, so that is when we will get some songs done: when we have a bit of breathing time.

Finally, is there any upcoming bands you can give us a heads up on?

SH: Lullabies, they’re really great. They are supporting us at Camden Assembly actually. Definitely worth a listen!

JUDAS are currently on their UK-wide tour, taking in most of the country’s biggest cities. With big tunes and a confidence that will knock you out, pick you up and beg you to party with it- it is not a shindig you’ll want to miss. Find their songs; tour dates, and all the latest on-the-road antics here:

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