Interview with FM Thread on Debut EP

Melbourne based duo FM Thread recently released their debut EP Evergreen. Evergreen, the first chapter of a 2 part EP release, showcases the duo’s indie-folk style with soft acoustic guitar sounds and vulnerable, introspective lyrics. The tracks from the EP follow themes of home, greed, religion, and childhood from start to finish. FM Thread is new on the scene – a self-proclaimed duo of pretty man-folk who “have enough hair to fashion a rope swing”. Matthew Campbell, from small-town Missouri, and Floyd Graham, from the New South Wales outback, together writes songs about life, love, and nature, and the nature of love, and the life of nature. We sat down with the duo to get the inside scoop on their new music venture, new EP, and what they’ve got planned next.

This is the first EP release of FM Thread….. how does it establish you as a duo?

I think our first EP does a good job of representing our shared values and the themes that we care to focus on more than anything else. We have written a lot of music in a relatively short amount of time, and the two EP’s we’ll be putting out are the cream of the crop. We did a lot of waiting for this content to emerge organically, so it speaks a lot to our shared standards for what content we deemed ‘good enough’ I suppose. 

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

So far I would describe the music we’ve put out as stripped back indie-folk music that focuses on beautiful storytelling and simple musical accompaniment. Floyd always said that his motivations for this project were to learn how to write simple guitar parts that act as platforms for lyrics and maintain interest with as little extravagance as possible. 

How did FM Thread come to life?

Floyd and I got to know each other through the process of writing together really. We were making music before we had even established a fully formed friendship which is pretty unique I think. Floyd was invited to my thanksgiving dinner by a mutual friend of ours. He came and pigged out on our food and then after we got chatting about music. The week after he was at my house with a guitar on his back and we were trying to write a song together. We always had good writing chemistry because we thought the songs were good even before they were.

Why did you name the EP ‘Evergreen’?

Evergreen was a recurring phrase that we realized encapsulated the multiple themes that we had running through the EP very effectively. In “Highways” Sentimentality is “Evergreen”, and it refers to the feelings of love you have for places that house precious memories.  In “Wildfire” it’s used with more of an environmentalist spin. In “Higher” I narrate from the view of a capitalist sociopath on a path of self-destruction, and it’s an antithetical perspective to the theme. In “When We Were Young” the evergreen theme is less represented, but at a stretch, you could say it refers to the themes of revisiting memories of youth and innocence. 

What’s your favorite song from the EP? Why?

That’s a really hard question. We wrote 18 songs and these 4 are all my favourites retrospectively because they made the cut. For me “Highways” is the most sentimental because it comes from a place of real purity in my lived experience. The subject matter makes me miss home every damn time I listen to it. 

The favorite lyrical line from one of your songs? Why?

“You say a tiny cul de sac shouldn’t keep me coming back but some things in life are evergreen” – I think it captures something very relatable about sentimentality and says a lot with a little. It’s when your value for a place transcends any physical worth because the place represents something more precious and is formative to your very being. It’s a strong statement about the value I have for my home and my memories of childhood.

What can fans expect next?

We have a couple of things in the pipelines! We’ll be releasing another single, another EP, we’ll be applying for some pretty big shows this year, and hopefully, we will be getting them. All hands on deck!