INTERVIEW: Mother Mariposa Reveals New Music Video and Plans for 2020

Mother Mariposa is making waves in the music scene with their unique compilation of electronica, psychedelia, and post-punk elements in their music. Having wrapped up 2019 while on tour with The Dandy Warhols, the band is already planning to hit the road again in 2020 with the band Mercury Rev. This group, while somewhat new on the scene, is compiled of 5 members that each have their own musical background and steep history in performing. Mother Mariposa just released their new music video “Vaporgaze” and was kind enough to sit down and give us the behind the scenes info on their music video release, recent debut album, life on tour, and plans for 2020.

Mother Mariposa seems to be breaking out onto the scene with a pretty spectacular force. Briefly tell us about the band, some of your recent experiences, and your journey together.

We’ve been together as a band for 14 months now.  We feel so lucky to have been signed by Little Cloud Records after our third show and now we just came off of tour with The Dandy Warhols, and that was really cool playing with legends like that each night and having their audience be so receptive.  It’s really been extraordinary weaving our dreamy shoegaze roots with minimalist house music beats.  When we’re hanging out at our hotels on tour we had some great sessions delving into some of our like-minded musical threads as a whole, whether it be Prince, Spiritualized, or Vietnamese artists such as  Pham duc Thanh, we are having a heavenly time playing off each other.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I like what our friend and Little Cloud Records label mate Alessandro Boschiero from Venice Italy’s New Candys said about us.  He said we are, “Beautiful modern music from the old future”

You have a music video just released… “Vaporgaze”. How does this song represent you as a band? 

“Vaporgaze” is very much the midnight vulture of the songs on the album.  It has intergalactic planetary rhythms while still settling down into a dark side of the moon tempo, but at the same time, there’s a breakdancer named Turbo that loves to sweep up out in front of the corner market to it.

What inspired the song? The music video?

The song is basically a convertible riding through a palm-tree lined dream under a cotton candy sky inside a teardrop.

“Vaporgaze” is a single from your album The Monarch Key… what can you tell us about the album?

It’s a collection of songs that we hope will make you dance and shine while leaving room for thought and maybe even a good cry.  The album has a newfangled sound that ranges from sanguine and otherworldly. 

Rumor has it you’ve got a tour coming up as well – where will fans be able to see you?

March 25 SF, 111 Minna Gallery

March 26 Sacramento, Old Ironsides

March 28 Desert Stars Festival Joshua Treee

April 3 Portland, Doug Fir

April 25 Seattle, Seagaze Festival

What’s the experience like performing your music live?

It’s been a whole lot of love and fun.  We had the power go out recently while playing in Portland and the cool thing was the crowd was clapping along so hard that the song kept going with the crowd and the drums and megaphone until the power came back on and then when it dropped out again, our crowd was ready and killed it.  We have actually tried to incorporate that drop out into that song now.

Where is the band/artist from?  Has your location/upbringing played a role in your sound/musical style?

Oregon is our home and Portland bands and clubs are a huge part of our family and love of music. The band currently lives in 2 Oregon cities, Portland and Silverton, 39 miles and half a world apart. It’s a beautiful drive. Silverton has one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Earth (Silver Falls). I can remember hiking through the falls with my grandfather when I was young and doing Tarzan yodel-type calls back and forth with him.  That’s not to say that we haven’t completely slayed Seattle the last two times we’ve played there. Especially the Showbox at the Market.  So, I guess to answer your question, we love the Pacific Northwest.

What else can fans expect from Mother Mariposa in 2020? 

More music and shows, please get our record “The Monarch Key” on Little Cloud Records

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