photo Thomas King

INTERVIEW – Friendly Rich shares new album ‘We Are All Terrorists’

Friendly Rich is a mad composer from Brampton, Canada. He records exclusively for his own eclectic record label, The Pumpkin Pie Corporation. Friendly Rich and his modern music ensemble The Lollipop People have toured the world, sharing the stage alongside such artists as Of Montreal, The Tiger Lillies, and Amanda Palmer.

Friendly Rich’s new album, ‘We Are All Terrorists’ is now available to stream. Check out our chat with him below!

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind your latest album?

Yeah, it’s sort of been 20 years in the making. From the Columbine dumbos to schmegelsky and mcleod to other incel wankers — I realize that my developing notion of constructive anarchy is where it’s at.  It’s perfectly normal to feel angst and frustration, especially in your late teens early 20s — but get creative, start a band, make short films, papier mache your angst, and don’t hurt anybody while barking at a wall.  

How has your community contributed to your success?

Having the trust and friendship of so many important musicians in my life is a strong second family to me that I value more and more with each project. This recording, We Are All Terrorists celebrates these friendships, each track a new wormhole and mixed by my longtime producer, Greg Dawson, who’s helped me with so many projects, it’s got that thread that I wanted throughout it.

What advice would you give other musicians?

The more money you bleed, the richer the project.

Describe to our audience your music-making process.

Usually starts alone. At a urinal with a musical phrase, and then goes through the fermentation process until beautful humans take a stab at bringing my sloppy charts to life.

How did it feel when you released this new music?

It releases tonight at midnight, I’m gonna stay up late to make sure it’s available on all digital streaming services, like we’ve been advertising. Then it’s gonna be a joy to watch it hit the ears of my loyal audience, who I’m so excited to share it with. 

If you could collaborate with any musician/band, who would it be? And why?

I would love to work with Randy Bachman on a CBC podcast, and see if I could talk about myself more than he talks about himself.  Call it “Friendly Rich’s Vinyl Pap”.

What first got you interested into music?

My need to battle boredom growing up in the suburbs, it led to this love of creating things.  To quote C. Smalloochi: “One can either produce, or become produce”.