Marking his territory in the music scene,  the innovate genius Tanzos returns with accompanying visuals to the explosive ‘How Do You Want Me?’ 

In a monochromatic universe, the new music video features a number of individuals, directly focusing on their facial expressions to capture the social pressures that they all feel. GigSoup caught up with Tanzos to discuss the new video and his journey as an artist.

Hey Tanzos, thanks for chatting to us at GigSoup! How are you today?

Feeling good, thanks. It’s a nice and sunny summers day. Very happy to talk to you guys!

You’ve had a pretty successful music career. What has been some of the stand out moments for you as an artist?

I guess hearing your song on one of your favourite radio stations for the first time is a big thing for every artist. So it was for me. Not sure if this has changed in the streaming era. Back then it felt great.

The second is a funny little story, and it features Bryan Adams. We were just 19 years old and opened up for him in an ice hockey arena in front of more than 10.000 people. Nobody in the audience even knew that there was going to be an opening act, so the lights went out and the whole arena went nuts. The noise was incredible. Everybody was thinking that the time had finally come for some proper stadium rock entertainment. Then, we had to go out and do our thing, which was quite the opposite. The audience was very friendly though.

Finally, about 3 years ago I had the honour to be the special guest on Paul Weller’s ‘A kind revolution’ tour in Austria. It was the first time playing my first ever solo shows together with my new touring band. I’ve been a fan for a very long time, so this was truly special.

Your new monochromatic music video ‘How Do You Want Me?’ captures the emotions and pressures felt in society, using only facial expressions. What was the filming process like and were there any obstacles along the way?

The main question was, whether it was possible to capture these emotions and establish a connection just by showing peoples faces. But I think it really worked fine and I am very happy with it.

The video features Men and Women of all ages; whom are all experiencing similar emotions. Why did you decide to showcase the video in this way?

I tried to express that everybody – no matter the age, gender, money, power etc, faces insecurities and tries to people please. Even those who say they don’t.

Let’s go back to the early days. Do you remember the first song that you wrote and what it was about?

Yeah, I actually do remember the first ‘thing’ – I wouldn’t really call it a song. I tried to write songs the moment I learnt how to hold a guitar. I was around 14 years old, and the ‘song’ was about someone who had survived an accident, and lost all ability to speak. Definitely on the darker side.

When creating a new track, what do you prefer writing the most… the lyrics or the melody?

Usually the melody comes first and is the easier part for me. Writing lyrics is more a thing of the brain, whilst writing music comes from a totally different place.

Can you tell us five things you love about Austria?

V-I-E-N-N-A. Damn, that’s six. The country has a very rich cultural life, which is great. You’ve gotta come, and I will show you around…I don’t want this to sound too much like a tourist ad.

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