Ingrid Andress is a Nashville based singer songwriter. Her new album ‘Lady Like’ became the highest streaming debut album from a female country artist. Her ability to combine a catchy chorus, insightful lyrics and fresh production values have won her an army of fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ingrid, thanks so much for taking time out to speak to us today.

Let’s begin by asking how are you and how have you been taking care of yourself during lockdown?

I’ve been sleeping a lot which is AMAZING. The past year and a half has been insane in a great way, but I was on the road a ton and was getting to a point of exhaustion, so it’s been nice to actually feel refreshed waking up in the mornings. I’ve also had more time write songs which is always a good thing.

How has it affected life in Nashville?

Nashville is a city filled with songwriters and musicians, so it’s definitely affected the live music scene here and the songwriting process. I think some people, myself included, are using Zoom as a collaboration tool for songwriting instead of going to the studio, so that’s been weird. I feel bad for all the musicians who make their living playing in bars downtown. This is such a tough time for everyone.

What first inspired you to be a songwriter?

I’ve always been into words and poetry, but I didn’t learn how to write an actual song until college. I knew the second I wrote my first song that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. There’s something so amazing about creating something from literally thin air and bringing something to life that didn’t exist before you wrote it.

Five things you love about country music might include

  • The open canvas of being able to tell a true story
  • The live shows and how real instruments are still being used
  • The people in the country music industry are super down to earth
  • The history of country music and where it originates from (which is a little bit of everywhere actually)
  • It’s focus on morals, family, and where you come from

When you began working on the album ‘Lady like’ what were you hoping to achieve?

As a new artist, I wanted people to get to know me through the stories I’m telling about my life in these songs. Authenticity is so important to me, so I wanted to lay it all out on the table with music that was honest and coming from a real emotional place. Hopefully people feel connected and can relate to my stories, because at the end of the day, we’ve all experienced the same emotions in some way or another.

How has this collection of songs captured you as an artist?

I feel like they show different parts of my personality that somehow all work together. I think a lot of the time we feel that once someone has labelled us as a certain “personality,” we think that’s all we’re allowed to be, when really all of us have multiple personalities depending on the day. These songs are basically just me embracing every side of myself and showing how they all complement each other.

Quick fire Questions

Grace or favour? – Grace

Dusk or dawn – Dusk

Soup or sandwich – Soup

Running or cycling – Running

Lady Antebellum or Lady Gaga – Ah! That’s tough. I’m gonna have to say Lady Gaga

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