Indi And The Vegas Talk Influence, LA and New Focuses

GIGsoup talked to Indi and The Vegas, artists who met in school and crafted their plan to alter the landscape of modern music. Check out their new single, Round and Round – an infectious track brimming with the duos feel good personality.

Talk to us about your single ‘Round & Round’ – what was the creative process like too?

Round & Round sits towards the end of our upcoming concept album The Getaway, describing that eureka moment where you can prioritise celebrating happiness and good times over stress, and negativity. Its got that uplifting summer vibe… The core concept of the song was already there but our producer, Zaro Vega, helped to create the tension and release moments that match the story within the track. 

What was it like working with Daniela on the release?

Daniela was in on the production session and the whole thing happened naturally. The story within the song seemed to work best with two characters vibing alongside each other, and Daniela was the perfect fit. She has added another dynamic to the song, and made the whole process more fun. We had our single launch after party at Bedford Esquires just the other night, and performing live with Daniela has really made the song feel alive again. As a band it has also made us realise that writing for and collaborating with other artists is something that we are really open to.

When did you all start to take music seriously, what was a turning point for you?

The turning point for us was visiting LA, and writing and producing our latest album with Zaro. We met Zaro by busking on the beach at Santa Monica, and it made us aware that there are so many opportunities out there, but you have to think outside the box, and work hard to take them. 

Who or what do you draw influences from?

There are too many artists to even start listing them! I think we have respect for any artist that can back up their recordings with a great live show, so we want to do the same. We have always wanted to be free of any particular genre as long as it feels natural, so I guess we really appreciate artists who have mixed things up throughout their careers, and pushed boundaries.

You have performed a lot together, what was the most memorable night for you and why?

I think the BBC Introducing Stages that we have participated in, because they know how to put on a show, are fun to work with, and provide an awesome platform for upcoming artists… it’s also nice to get that recognition for the work that we have put in… O and also playing at Whiskey A Go Go was a big deal for us, being 5000 miles away from home and seeing our name in lights on Sunset Blvd was an amazing feeling. In all honesty our best shows are yet to come, we’re growing as a band and building a special set right now, which will blow people away!

What does a studio session look like for you?

I guess it depends on what stage the song is at, but we haven’t used any official studio facilities for a long time. Everything has been done in various home spaces involving bedrooms, kitchens, lounges and even cupboards and cars… whatever works and where it’s comfortable! We are well up for recording live sessions in studios though especially video sessions, as the test of a good song is when its done in a live setting.  

Have you got any live dates lined up?

The show we are focusing on is The Water Rats, London on the 22nd Nov 2019, as this is our album launch and we aim to sell out the club and get press and industry involved on the night. We will also be popping up in London during the lead up in various spaces.. details to be announced!

What more can we expect from you in 2019 and what are your long-term goals as an artist?

Our focus right now is releasing more new music from the album, and sharing our journey as we go. Keep an eye out for more releases!… Didn’t Catch Your Name and Round & Round are just the start of a whole new wave of material… To be able to do music full time is the dream, build our fan base and maintain our relationship with them. Getting on to that major festival circuit would be huge for us Glastonbury, Reading all those. We want to get out there touring, playing to as many people as possible for as long as possible!