Hope & Glory Festival ‘In Their Own Words’ – The Fratellis

Hope & Glory kicks off it’s inaugural year with a host of acts, old and new. Today GIGsoup’s Brad Hennessy chats to Baz from Glaswegian three-piece The Fratellis about the festival and what they have in store for the rest of 2017…

How does it feel to be playing the inaugural Hope & Glory Festival, in Liverpool this August? Have you been to Liverpool before? And do you have any fond memories of Liverpool?

It’s been one of the festivals I’ve been looking forward to the most, the lineup is really great. Many times, we’ve always had great gigs in Liverpool, can’t ever remember a bad one.

The line-up for Hope & Glory is really exciting and fans are in for ‘A Festival of Anthems’. What do you think makes the perfect festival anthem? and what is your favourite?

Probably something that transports you back to a happy time or place in your life, hearing something like that live is a buzz. Would probably be “I am the resurrection” Stone Roses.

Are there any other bands on the bill you are hoping to see?

Loads, I’m a huge fan of James so looking forward to that. I’ve actually played bass for 3 bands that are on over the weekend, Fratellis, The Twang and Ocean Colour Scene, so that’s pretty cool to me.

It is 50 years since the release of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s. What do The Beatles mean to you? Do they influence your music?

I’ll probably be hung drawn and quartered for this but I only recently got into the Beatles.. BUT once I did I realised what I’d been missing, so I had the pleasure of discovering all that incredible music when I could really appreciate it. Jon is a huge Beatles fan so they probably influence us quite a bit songwriting wise.

Do you have a favourite Sgt. Pepper’s track?

A day in the life, one of the first tracks when it clicked and all made sense to me.

What are your plans for the rest of the year after you play Hope & Glory?

Few more festivals including a trip to China so lots to look forward to.


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